The Last 3 Things Wesley Discipleship & Nurture Word alive! teaching Series

The Last 3 Things

Wesley D&N Word Alive! Teaching Series | Rev Stanley Chua


In Christian theology, “Eschatology,” is the study of what Scripture teaches about the final events of history or what we usually call, ‘End Times.’ In the history of the Church, the study of end times usually involves four last things namely, Death, Judgment, Heaven, and Hell. These are the four last stages of the soul in life and the afterlife. The Church needs the teaching of eschatology to remind us as Christians that this world is not our home but that we are to look beyond this life. More importantly the study of the last things will prayerfully spur every Christian to take their discipleship in Christ seriously. As Thomas a Kempis once wrote, “How happy and prudent is he who tries now in life to be what he wants to be found in death. Perfect contempt of the world, a lively desire to advance in virtue, a love for discipline, the works of penance, readiness to obey, self-denial, and the endurance of every hardship for the love of Christ, these will give a man great expectations of a happy death.”

In this teaching series by Rev Stanley Chua, he will be exploring three subjects out of the four namely, Judgment, Hell and Heaven. The subject on ‘Death,’ has already been covered in his previous teachings. For those who have missed the two-part sermon series on Life and Death, you can still access our Church’s website to listen to it.


SESSION 1 – JUDGMENT | 29 Oct 2020

SESSION 2 – HELL (Part 1) | 5 Nov 2020

SESSION 3 – HELL (Part 2) | 12 Nov 2020

SESSION 4 – HEAVEN | 19 Nov 2020


In his talk, Rev Stanley mentioned the 2-part sermons on Life and Death which he had previously preached on in the month of July. For those who have missed it, you can listen to them using these links:

What does it mean to take our discipleship in Christ seriously?

At Discipleship and Nurture Ministry, we recommend you to take the first step by hearing the living word from God and being firmly rooted in His Word.

You could do so by signing up for a Bible study course, a short lecture or teaching session, or by attending a spiritual retreat.

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