Nature on Display

A few minutes after walking into the museum I saw a display of how large sharks were. It interested me immensely because I have only seen sharks in books, cartoons, and on TV. Thus, when I saw this I finally realized just how big these creatures are. After seeing how big sharks actually are I discarded all the ideas that I previously had of surviving a shark attack. For when I saw sharks on TV and etc they looked much smaller and the teeth weren't as prominent. However, after seeing these compared to me I realized that sharks are much scarier than I initially thought. Also, that there are many things about sharks that I still do not know.

The experience at this museum was enjoyable because the atmosphere was good and everything that was compared had great differences. For example the museum had globes showing what the world looked like from billions of years ago to now. In addition, there was also a display of frogs and there were videos showing how frogs eat and jump which was extremely interesting compared to if they just had a description of how frogs move and eat. Thus, the interaction with the actual museum was what made it enjoyable for me. Especially the frog exhibit because I was able to actually interact with the museum.

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