St. Helena Sailor moran

St. Helena, my birthday Saint (August 18, 2000). She is best known for her signature image of her holding the cross (as shown above). St. Helena is often shown holding a cross because she found the true cross in Jerusalem.

Because of Jewish laws, the Roman Emperor Hadrian destroyed the name of Judea and renamed the area "Syria Palaestina." He also made Jerusalem a new capital, named "Aelia Capitolina," and stopped Jews from entering the immediate area. While Jerusalem stayed mostly in ruins because of A.D. 70, when the Temple was demolished. Thinking of Judaism, Hadrian regarded Christianity the same way.

St. Ambrose preached that when St. Helena found the true cross, "she worshiped not the wood, but the King, Him who hung on the wood."


c. 246/50

Helenopolis Bithynia, Asia Minor


Dear St. Helena, give me your strength and courage to be faithful to god and fight for those in need as you did. Inspire me more and more everyday to be brave as you were.


Honor pledge: I have neither given nor received unauthorized help on this work.


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