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Habit of mind: Openness

After completing my first week of English 1030, it is safe to say that it is nothing that I expected. Beforehand, I imagined this being a typical general education class that no one takes seriously with a strict routine, but this is turning out to be the exact opposite. This class is taught through video game terms, that I have no prior knowledge of, which made it a bit confusing at first. Starting the third week of classes, I am slowly adjusting to this unusual class more and more, getting used to the vocabulary and structure. I was hesitant at first, but it is imperative that I keep an open mind not only to benefit myself, but those around me. While reading the piece, Pay Attention, I became very interested in the part where it talked about the split brain research. This idea was first brought up by Sperry and Gazzaniga, later awarding Sperry with a Nobel Prize. I've always felt that my brain was wired to solve straight-forward, systematic problems and it is clear that I am much more used to thinking with the left side of my brain. Now knowing that I overuse the left side of my brain, I want to be more conscious of my right side and try to think in more creative ways, rather than being so regimented.

Another reading that intrigued me was from the Exploring piece. When it first mentions the scene from The Matrix, asking which pill to take, it first, made me really want to watch The Matrix, and second, think about what my choice would be in that given moment. To choose between ignorant bliss or exploring the realms of real life, seems like it wouldn't be too hard of a decision but when carefully thought about, it can get tricky. Would I actually want to see the true, raw depths of reality when I can just stay the way I am, blissful and ignorant? I realize that I am usually closed off to new ideas or ways of thinking (kind of like this entire class), which is why I would most likely choose to stay in a false reality, even if it may all be artificial. The pills in this movie represent layers of various things, but it is mainly a decision between being open to the unknown, or being closed off from the unknown. This decision reminds me of myself in the beginning of this class. I was unenthused by the idea of learning an entire new realm of terms and ways of thinking, but I am now opening my mind and learning about different ways to think and react to these types of situations. When given the choice to learn more, or not, I will now always choose to learn more. I never want to have a closed mind again, or regret not learning about something. Being open to new ideas can seem terrifying at first, but I now realize it is all part of the process of growth.

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