Canbury School Newsletter 18th June 2021. Issue 238

Dear Families, Friends, Students and Staff

Ooops, I was determined not to cry. So the sight of Louis punching the air as I did, when I bade the Year 11s a fond farewell at midday today in the hall brought me back to my senses and I pulled myself together. We've had a wonderful morning reminiscing and rejoicing for the good times they've had here.

What we do know is this is a cohort of students who had an unforeseen challenge thrown at them - and my word they are just getting on with it. You will fly Year 11 - don't ever let ANYONE tell you you're not resilient!

I was disappointed to have to send out an email today notifying you of all the changes we have had to make to end of year events. I am not going to re-write them all here but should anyone not have the letter, please do get in touch with reception. All hope is not gone - some events will still take place, just not quite how we had arranged them.

All that remains is for me to wish you a wonderful restful weekend and to say see you on Monday at 8.10am.

Kind regards

Ms Clancy


Students of the week

Year 7

The Year Group - for working very hard and very quietly in a Geography cover lesson.

Reenie for being very kind and helpful to a student who was upset - she managed to make them smile : ) #that'sCanbury

Year 11 stars of the week - each and every one of you.

Top left, clockwise: Louis, Aansh, Ellie, Max, Rhian, Evie, Victor and Harry. Enjoy your summer holidays - they've been some time coming!

Spanish students stars of the week.

Well done to all students rehearsing their Spanish role plays. Senora Porter is very much looking forward to the performances over the next few lessons. Watch this space for photos in next week’s newsletter.

Farewell Year 13s, we will miss you (and you Bailey).

Jasmina, Luca and Felix - it just won't be the same without you. Good luck on your next adventures.

Leavers' breakfast - a feast fit for the best.

Year 11 and 13 students came together this morning for a fabulous feast to kick-start their last morning in school. Laughter and chat were the order of the day, with younger students peering through the door to catch a glimpse of how things progress when you move up the school. Year 11 head Mrs Hurrell and Sixth Form head Mrs Littler dropped by, with Ms Clancy being guest of honour (well she's a leaver too this year).

The sun WILL come out tomorrow!

KS3 students enjoyed a brilliant day at Hampton Hill Theatre on Wednesday. Mr Batten says he was so proud to see them all performing on the actual set of “Annie”. If you want to see the Dramacube actors at work, here are all the details you need.
Canbury budding thespians tread the boards at Hampton Hill theatre. Yes folks, the show must go on.....could we get another cliché in there somewhere?!

Churt Sculpture Park trip results in happy students all round.

It was back to nature for KS4 photography and art GCSE students on Wednesday. A trip to Churt Sculpture Park in Surrey, billed as "Britain's most atmospheric sculpture park" provided an opportunity for the students to gather more practical material for their coursework. In addition, from the looks on their happy faces, it morphed into a well-being day too.


Year 11s enjoy a day out within striking distance of Canbury (ouch!)

Year 11s enjoyed their activity day out this week, as they don't go on the whole school activity day. A few games of ten pin bowling was followed by lunch, which was then rounded off with a trip to Creams ice cream parlour. Delicious!

There's always a solution.

Sport continues at Canbury, including Mrs Branney joining in yoga on Tuesday and forgetting her kit. Never one to miss an opportunity to keep fit, she dived into the school PE box......