Sanliurfa 1 November 2014

• Paul Salopek traveled to Sanliurfa, Turkey in November 1 2014.

• He there visited a famous pilgrimage town in Mesopotamia founded by Assyrians. There is a famous legend behind this town.

• About 4000 years ago, there was a cruel king named Nimrod. He ordered his men to burn Abraham alive due to his resistance in building an Assyrian Pantheon.

• However, Abraham’s God saved him by turning the flames into water and the coals into a fish.

• According to the Muslim tradition, God punished Nimrod by giving him a mosquito which travelled up to bite his brain,

• Felt unbearable pain, he told his men to knock his head with a wooden mallet and he died.

• Travelling back to the modern days, now there is a pool called Saliurfa, as awell reminder of Abraham’s miracle. The pool is believed to be filled with holy carps. People feed this fish with pellet. They say that its immortal and fat. It was told that if you were to eat one of the holy carps, you’ll suffer permanent blindness for the rest of your life.

Tarsus, Turkey

1. Tarsus, St. Paul's Hometown (St. Paul's Church, St. Paul's Well, St. Paul's Café)

2. 9.000 year old Neolithic tumulus = the uttermost chronicled cajolery where Cleopatra first met Marc Antony

3. The Donuktas, the largest and least known Roman temple. "Tarsus is lousy with history."

4. Exquisitely empty Roman Road, accompanied by the warm sunset glow

Kilis, Turkey

Paul’s activity in Kilis Refugee Camp, Turkey

He met a lot of syrian refugee there that live in a clean shipping container. They are the ones who successfully escape from the war that they thought wouldn’t last this long. They said the life they’ve been through there is not a ‘life’ because they just wait for time to pass and hoping that everything is okay. But it isnt since there are a lot of Anti-Syrian protests

Arts in Kilis Refugee Camp, Turkey

There is a visit by a group of Arab artist to Kilis. There, the artists express their solidarity and symphaty for the refugees that had been through a rough time. They distributed some gifts and held cultural activities and art workshops for children

A child’s drawing of life at syria that they left behind

Pasli, Turkey

"The good life”—Bertrand Russell writes—“is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge.”

Russo-Turkish War (1877-1878)

Greek army; first on 6 January 1921

"Wooden Bridge"

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