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In Africa, there is plenty that awaits any traveller or tourist. Annually, millions of trips are made to this part of the world. The thrill and fun that comes with landing here will certainly leave you longing for more. What’s even more interesting is that you can never have what Africa has to offer to your fill even for a week, month or year. This means you must be ready for several trips in the near future simply because you won’t ever have enough of the cultures that Africa inhabitants exhibit as well as their sumptuous delicacies. But before you take to the skies, do you have an idea how to find or purchase Africa travel tickets? Most of the times, those who are travelling want to negotiate prices for air tickets but this has never been much yielding in as far as getting the best offers in the market is concerned. Travelling to Africa shouldn’t cost you a lot of money if you can make good use of leading agencies in the aviation industry because first, they will give you better offers and secondly, take you through all the stages of flight booking, rescheduling in case of changes in travelling dates and even help you process refunds. Flight agencies are best at negotiation airfare so it is imperative to make the most of their services.

Traveling to Africa…

Travel To Africa

When your date with Africa finally comes, assuming you had booked your flight and what remains is to hope in, you can be sure so much is in store from the western parts of the continent to the Eastern end, and from North Africa to far South. Africa is known globally for its cultural diversities and this is something any tourist must buckle up for. Culture is best served raw here as always witnessed in dressing, music, rites of passage, languages and more. It is up to you to decide which one you would want to catch a glimpse of first, so you better have a comprehensive travel plan and your air ticket ready.

Some things to keep in mind;

Africa is an expanse of great possibilities and this means any traveller en route to this continent should get ready for much more that beats every possible imagination

Before you set out on your journey to whichever part of Africa you want to visit, it is important to have your travel documents ready. It is not only finding cheapest Africa travel tickets that counts, but you also need to pack your travel visas and passport. This will make your stay worthwhile. Further, always keep your documents safe everywhere you go because losing any would amount to an awful stay experience

When travelling to Africa, the fever pitch that comes with it is always occasioned by high expectations of picturesque sightings, a taste of many delicacies and cultural exchanges. However, these too can prove way too expensive to afford. In other words, even as you set out to the black continent, make sure you have enough money with you. Ensure your credit or debits cards are loaded so that you never run into a situation of not being able to afford even the cheapest of fun moments.

Well, in this post, I take you through anything and everything that makes a perfect blend and meaningful contribution to Africa’s colourful culture and sumptuous foods that define tradition at its best because they are definitely a magnet that attracts everyone from as far as Houston, so take a look further for insights;

Whether you are a budget traveller or simply taking a break from work, touring Africa should be well budgeted for if you want to reap maximum fun out of it. This boils down to planning everything beforehand and adequately.

Food- a blend of trade, cultural and traditional influences

Africa is the second largest continent in the world with a size estimated at over thirty million square miles. Further, with a population of over 1.2 billion people filling up this space, there is a lot to expect from Africans and one of them is Food. Well, depending on which part you visit, there will always be noticeable variations if you move Southwards, Eastwards, Northwards or Westwards. Africa’s cuisines run into millions and this means your appetite will remain indisputably insatiable.

In the Southern and Eastern parts of Africa, cattle largely symbolize wealth and opulence. The elite, affluent and the poor are in most instances sharply contrasted by this fact. This also means that meat and dairy products makes the bulk of what people living in these parts consume on a daily basis. But this is not enough because farming which also constitute growing of corn, beans and vegetables thrive in these areas. Further, the fact that Eastern and Southern parts of Africa are endowed with large water masses-lakes, seas, rivers, dams and oceans means fish and seafood are a delicacy in most areas.

In the western parts of Africa, foods rich in starch such as cassava, rice, whole grains and yams make the bulk of what people consume. These they cook with a lot of spices such a peanut and peppers. In central Africa, banana is a favorite, cooked raw of picked when ripe and eaten. Meat, traditional vegetables and beans also make it to the list.

Culture of Africans, for Africans and by Africans

Nothing defines Africa like its culture. In fact, this is what draws many visitors to this part of the world. While culture is fundamentally dynamic, a few come out as exceptionally outstanding and anyone visiting the content must never miss a glimpse of them. The Swahili culture in Tanzania is something to make a date with because this is a country where everything from communication in government departments to setting exams is done in Swahili. Swahili dishes and dress code makes it even more interesting. Crossing to Kenya brings you up and close with the Maasai culture, one of the most thriving ethnic tribes in the world. Far south, Zulu culture which includes dances and dressing defines South Africa in a larger spectrum. Don’t miss out of Arab culture in Northern parts of Africa as well as West African way of life by taking a trip to Nigeria.

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