Hades By: Auston, and jonah

Rhea (on the left) is hades mother, and Cronus (on the right) is hades father.

Hades was regarded as the oldest son of Cronus and Rhea, the last son was regurgitated by his father. Hades mother and father are bolth titans. Hades also has two brothers. They are Zeus (God of sky), and Poseidon (God of sea). The three of them went to war with their father's generation of gods (The titans), and defeated them. They were awarded the underworld, the sea, and the sky which each of the brothers became gods for each part.

Hades is the god of the underworld. He usually had a black dog follow him around . It's name is Cerberus. Cerberus was the offspring of the monsters Echidna and Typhon, and usually is described as having three heads, a serpent for a tail, and snakes protruding from parts of his body.

------------The Realm Of The Underworld--------

Much like today, the people of the ancient world believed that the deeds of one's earthly life greatly influenced their position in the afterlife. For this reason the underworld was divided into different sections, each designed to reward or punish the new arrivals for their behavior during their corporeal lifetime.

As usual, it is common to find variances in the details pertaining to these specific areas. Differences can be found in the names, the quantities and the locations of the individual sections. This seemed to depend not only upon the writer in question, but also from which time period the particular account has been taken.


In older Greek myths, the realm of Hades is the misty and gloomy abode of the dead where all mortals go. Very few mortals could leave Hades once they entered. The exceptions, Heracles and Theseus, are heroic. The entrance to the Underworld located at Avernus, a crater near Cumae, was the route Aeneas used to descend to the realm of the dead. Avernus is the place/gate that separates the living realm (Earth) to the underworld. Avernus was an ancient name for a volcanic crater near Cumae, Italy, in the Region of Campania west of Naples. Part of the Phlegraean Fields of volcanoes, Avernus is approximately 2.0 miles. Within the crater is Lake Avernus. The name comes from the Greek word Avernus meaning without birds. The cool thing about the lake of Avernus is when ever a flock of birds fly over the lake they are destined to die. The reason of that is because in the lake there has chemicals that boil and poison the air around it.


The first region of Hades comprises the Fields of Asphodel where the shades of heroes wander despondently among lesser spirits, who twitter around them like bats. Only libations of blood offered to them in the world of the living can reawaken in them for a time the sensations of humanity. Beyond lay Erebus, which could be taken for a euphonym of Hades, whose own name was dread. There were two pools, that of Lethe, where the common souls flocked to erase all memory, and the pool of memory, where the initiates of the Mysteries drank instead. In the forecourt of the palace of Hades and Persephone sit the three judges of the Underworld. There at the trivium sacred to Hecate, where three roads meet, souls are judged, returned to the Fields of Asphodel if they are neither virtuous or evil, sent by the road to Tartarus if they are impious or evil, or sent to Elysium (Islands of the Blessed) with the "blameless" heroes.

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