Menacing Dennis The Menace

How dare they suggest that Ciara was more of a menace! I have a reputation to guard! Now even the Environmental Agency is recognising the threat I pose and this has been noted in the media. Life on Tiree has been commissioned to show my handiwork down by the pier.

Menacing and right before your very eyes

At the pier the Bobby and the Pier Master were braving the storm to take photographs but well 'Life on Tiree' was under strict orders by she who must be obeyed not to leave the safety of the car. The wind gusts that were generated even rocked the car - but no damage was done.

The Roundheaad

It was high tide and the gusts at that point in time were peaking at 62mph. The swell was frequently causing the waves to break on the roundhead and at other times it raced along the length of the pier. Visibility was poor making it difficult to capture sharp photographs through the car windscreen.

No waiting here for the ferry today!

This is just the beginning of the menacing. On Tiree as in the rest of the UK they will have to wait to see just how Menacing Dennis can be.

The wow factor

This is Life on Tiree reporting onĀ behalf of Dennis.

Where gulls play chicken

Just one more for the record.

More Menacing
Created By
Alan Millar


Photographs copyright Life on Tiree