What caused Exploration Final By: brionnah perotti

What caused exploration was Europeans wanting new resources. They had resources where they were but, they wanted to find something new. To do that they had to leave where they were and find a new place to get resources. When they traveled they found sugars, they found precious metals like gold and silver. The Europeans also wanted more land to make more crops and such. What made them explore was them wanting to go to Asia and get some of their spices., but that didn't work out because they didn't make it to Asia they made it to United States so that's where they found everything they love and want now. The Europeans were really looking for sugar because they loved sugar. They completed there goal to find new resources, but in order to do that they had to explore so that caused the Europeans to explore. To find new resources and places to make resources.

Another thing that caused exploration was the Europeans wanting to find new places. Them finding new places can lead them to new resources such as sugar and precious minerals such as gold and silver. They also wanted to spread there religion. The main region that was spread was Christianity. They found resources where they explored and spread there religion and beliefs. They traveled and found places where they had the resources and places to spread their religion. They wanted to find a water route to Asia but in doing so they come across the United States where they found not spices but all new resources that they didn't have. They also found native Americans or what Europeans called us "Indians". They called them Indians because they thought they were in India so they called them Indians. Along with people finding new ways to get to places an example is Christopher Columbus. He believed he found a water rout to Asia but he came across the United States.

Another cause of exploration was that they could. They had the resources and the technology to explore. They built ships so they could go across the oceans and and go new places. Europeans in this time built a triangle sail which helped them out on open water. To help they track or to track to find these places they had compasses but some Europeans just looked at the stars and knew or could tell where they were going. They also had maps to help them get to places or to remember how to get somewhere. They also made the printing press so they could make copies of books which people could read about different places and possibly sail there. The Europeans also started to discover that the earth isn't flat and helped them map out places better and make more accurate routes.

An effect of exploration is slavery. When Christopher Columbus found United states on accident he found Native Americans. Well when Columbus came he brought the plague with him. This killed many Native Americans because Columbus kept coming back which just kept getting the Native Americans sick and spreading the disease more and more. When Columbus got to the Americas he took the resources and put them hard to work. Also Spain made people slaves. He went to Africa and took their resources and would take many people at a time and sell them to different places and the goods they stole from them. Spain would also take the Africans resources and make into something else and sell it back to the Africans and other places as well. It was like a cycle for them Spain would go to Africa then take their resources and take a lot of people and then sail off to other places and sell the good and Africans then go back home and make the trip again.

Another effect of exploration is trade. There is lots of trade routes such as the silk road. They would travel to different places and trade with them like the Europeans wanted sugar and precious metals such as gold and silver. As i said above people and or places wanted to find new routes to places like for example Columbus wanted to find a water route to Asia, instead he found the Americas which was still and great discovery. With him discovering the Americas they have new resources and have met new people. What came with that though is slavery as I talked about above. but trade routes also lead to the spread of the plague. Which the spread of the plague lead to many, many deaths.

Piracy was another effect of exploration. With everyone wanting resources they wanted to have whatever they could get. The English hired privateers or pirates to attack ships and take whatever they had on board. privateers were just pirates hired to legally rob other ships. They mostly had raw materials and as I said earlier Spain had resources and slaves. They would take them too. They would wait for ships and then take over there ship and take everything they had on board.

In summary Exploration was the start of everything. We still use trade and explore new places. If it weren't for them we wouldn't have known about the places now. Good or not we still have robbing to this day as well. Exploration is one of the most important things that happened in history. Even if some bad things have happened such as slavery it was an important time in history.

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