S. Truett Cathy Ethical Virtue Theory

" We must motivate ourselves to do our very best, and by our example lead others to do their best as well " -S. Truett Cathy

Introduction/Ration for Selection:

  • Samuel Truett Cathy was the founder and chairman of Chick-fil-A
  • Married Jeannette McNeil in 1948; three children- Bubba, Dan and Trudy
  • Cathy was a great role model of an ethical person in both personal and business life
  • 1946- Dwarf Grill/House
  • 1967- First Chick-fil-A
" Putting people before profits is how we've tried to operate from the beginning " -S. Truett Cathy

S. Truett Cathy Bibliography:

  • Truett Cathy is the founder of WinShape Foundation
  • WinShape scholarships / Foster homes, Chick-Fil-A scholarship
  • Truett Cathy received several prestigious awards throughout his life time
  • He is the author of five books
  • Cathy built his life, business and family around hardwork, humility and Biblical principles

Team Application:

  • Truett Cathy based Chick-Fil-A on biblical principals
  • Truett Cathy used a leadership stye called Servant Leadership. Servant Leaders place the interests and needs of their employees, and customers over their own self interests and needs
  • The textbook describes virtue theory to be continually learning and building character to make consistent decisions
  • Chick-Fil-A mission statement
  • Customer service comes first!
Mission Statement: To glorify God by being a faithful steward of all that is entrusted to us. To have a positive influence of all who come in contact with Chick-fil-A.

Biblical Thoughts:

  • Proverbs 22:1
  • Stands by his ethics to close on Sundays known as the Biblical day of rest
  • Per closing on Sundays, Truett Cathy says "It was the most important decision I ever made!" Cathy believes to serve the Lord on Sunday instead of worrying about business


" A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold " Proverbs 22:1 (NIV)


  • What can we learn from Truett Cathy and his business?
  • "People before profit"
  • Ethical Virtue Theory
  • Biblical principles
  • Servant Leadership
" Well, there’s no such thing as luck. People say it’s luck, and I say the harder you work the luckier you get " -S. Truett Cathy


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