Open House Portfolio Carla Jimenez Video 1, Period 4

This is a plot graph with labels which describes the different points of a movie and it's development.
Dramatic moment from "My Stuff" project
Dramatic moment from "Talking Heads" project.
This is an idea map for stories. Each person in the group wrote three little stories., and then we chose the best three.
A reflector is a tool that helps the photographer with the light. The good way to use a reflector is to hold it in an angle that reflects the light the way you want. Reflectors are good for fixing odd shadows.
To use a boom microphone correctly you should put it as close as possible to the person's mouth who is talking; be sure you are away from windows and other possible sounds in the background.
Picture from the interview video project.


Created with images by robertlischka - "sony lens walimex"

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