raccoons creepy and annoying


Creepy raccoons is a city animal. It live near houses or apartment. They have white and black fur, black eyes and sharp claws. When people learn about this city animal, they will love this city animal. After reading this city animal, you will need knows how it looks like, food and it’s habitat.


Raccoons looks similar to skunk. Raccoons have black and white fur. They have black eyes, sharp claws and they are medium size.


They eat just like a hamster.

Raccoon’s food are mostly garbage. They also eats insects too. Since it like to hunting, the young needs to stay with the female raccoons. It seem like they are wearing masks when they are hunting. isn’t weird?


Raccoons live near houses.

They live in the forests. They camouflage with their fur. They live so close to the houses. Because they eats garbage, i thought they eats bug.


This is why raccoons are important. Raccoons is like a skunk but, you can’t see them. They camouflage when it’s hunting. Licenses: A resident of Massachusetts needs a resident hunting or sporting license to hunt raccoon, opossum, skunk, and weasel. ( watch out for your garbage.)


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