Canada 2041 By: arjun juttla


I'm the youth minister of Canada and I am here to talk to you about the problems we are facing in Canada today. Canada has had a huge natural increase in population during the last 4 decades.. Canada is allowing a lot of immigrants to come into the country. Most likely in the 25 years this number will increase by a lot. Since the population of Canada is increasing at such a high rate there will be need for more natural resources, such as hydro power and electricity. There will be more agricultural land that will be removed due to the increase in population that is occurring in Canada. Every Country needs agricultural land to grow crops and develop the countries farmland to have a more sustainable future.

Urban Sprawl and Pollution

Urban Sprawl and Pollution are 2 different problems, but they interact with each other in other ways. Urban Sprawl is the uncontrolled expansion of a certain area. This problems is happening in many cities in Canada such Brampton and Toronto. The more people there are in a city the more waste they will produce. This leads to other environmental issues. Since there are more people in 1 area those people use cars to drive to work and other places. When they this, the cars release carbon emissions into the atmosphere, this leads to climate change.

This Photo is show the population density of Canada per square Kilometer.


My solution to this problem is to create more apartment buildings and condo's. This allows more people into the city and reduces the land that is being taken up by individual houses. Also we should make put the necessities of living inside the apartment buildings such as a grocery store and restaurants. This makes it so people don't have to use there cars to get to places and reduces the amount of carbon dioxide that is getting to our atmosphere. Another thing we can do to reduce urban sprawl is to put lots of green spaces in the neighborhood. This will reduce the amount of house being made in one area which leads to less waste that is being produced.

Aging Population

Canada's population has been aging in the last decade. The working-age population is made of older aged individuals. This population increased a total of 35.8% from 1991 to 2001. This increase is caused by the baby boomers that have entered into this age group. The increasing population trend will continue when these baby boomers reach retirement.


My solution to this problem is to bring more immigrants to Canada. By bringing young immigrants to Canada we will have more workers for a longer period of time and have a sustainable future. Immigrants need job options and health care, which is a pull factor that makes them want to come to Canada.

Agricultural Issues

Agriculture is a big part of the Canadian economy. However, there are major issues in agriculture that we need solutions for to make Canada more sustainable by 2041. One big issues in agriculture that Canada is facing today is that Canada has a lot farmland but fewer workers. It is estimated that there is over 350 acres of agricultural land in Ontario alone. In provinces like Ontario and Quebec urbanization is a big factor to this issue.


If we bring more immigrants to Canada there will more farmers for the agricultural land all over Canada. There a lot of agricultural land which means with more immigrants can fill up on the jobs required for a more sustainable future. This also plays a big role in the Canada aging population. With more older people working there are not many that work in agriculture, so if bring immigrants to Canada they fill in some of these roles.


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