Saint Monica By jade capot

Lived between 331 and 387.

She is the patron of married wife and abuse victims.

She is celebrate on auguste the 27th.

Saint Monica was married to a Roman pagan named Patricius. Him and his mother were violent so it was really hard for her. When she had three children with him, he didn't wanted her to baptism them, what was finally done a year before his death.

One of his children, Augustine, became a Manichaean before her mother succeed to convert him.

Santa Monica

I need your help and your prayers,

Please ask the Lord, ask him to return my brother to Him and Jesus Christ,

You've been in the same situation and you know how you can help me,

Please teach me,

Please pray for him, he got to be forgiven,

Can the Holy Spirit come back in his mind,


I have neither given nor received an anauthorized help on this work.

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