Who am I ? Anthony Lujan

Who did I think I Was before entering this class?
  • Strengths-hard worker,and physically strong
  • Weaknesses-MATHEMATICS is sometimes hard to comprehend
  • plan-go to college and study business administration and management
  • Goal- Open my Own business,have my bachelors in BUSINESS
  • My top three results for CIS are Enterprising, Artistic, and realistic
  • My other results are in the middle like in interests
  • I want to get my bachelors in business
  • Take Business Administration
  • Business Management
Boise State University
  • start with CWI then Transfer to BSU
  • Boise State has classes such as economics and other business programs
  • Also helps when taking the class in High School
  • Basic background of the programs
  • Picture stood out, you make money with slogans
  • Economics shows how the market works
  • Few programs needed are
  • Economics, Business Administration, and Business Management
  • I want to open up my own business
  • Start up A small business
  • cleaning company or seasonal type Company


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