SOULANANDA the Essentials of a Good Life

By michael sean symonds

The sum total of a life lived, will not be what we have done nor gained in life but in who we have been while journeying on this little blue planet called Earth.

The courage and risk needed for meaningful success on this journey and adventure can only be enhanced once we acknowledge and recognize the only change ever needed was not outside ourselves but a shift of attention to within.

In the finding, cultivation and practice of innocence, in the subjective experience of freedom that occurs as a result of finding out Who We Are, we discover a peace and Divinity that already/always lies within, and the emergence of a new life and humanity dawns. The unfolding experience of Awareness and the wisdom of inner Knowing, is the only true doorway to the freedom and peace we seek in life and the world we live in.

The most important relationship we have in life is the relationship we have to Self. It is the relationship we have to Self which spontaneously and effortlessly creates a relationship with life. The level of intimacy we achieve with Self, draws us into an intimate relationship with life, and through attentive cultivation of that inner relationship, we are inspired and strengthened in all external relationships.

The experience and expression of this inner transition and transformation, will be less about doing and more about Being. The bond and opportunity of this relationship is delicate, precious and rare - its consummation profound.

To know Self is the greatest gift we could bring to all our relations, it’s the greatest gift we could bring to life and life is the story of this adventure.

The Practices:

In the legacy of life, I will have received two gifts: what I gave to myself and what I brought to this world. I will remind myself daily how I intend to live my life: boredom and fear, struggle and suffering, are prompts from Soul to move beyond my present life experience and perception, to the next adventure in my own “evolution”. I will stop living my life vicariously, I will abandon who I was and surrender to who I can be.

I will practice taking care of myself first and from this place of Knowingness, find the energy, vitality, inspiration and integrity, to be of service to others - where needed.

I will take care to not be distracted, to lose my sense of self in the noise and nonsense that may appear to be part of my experience. I will not be discouraged, I will not allow myself to be overshadowed by thought or feeling, emotion or perception; to become a slave to circumstance or situations that present themselves as part of my daily life.

I will be clear and consistent, I will be constant in the discovery and expression of my authentic Self, I will listen to the validity of my own inner voice - to guide and support. I will listen to the wisdom of my own inner integrity, I will thrive on the commitments I have made to what feels important, right and true for me; I will become what I already/always Am.

While life may feel like a struggle, I will remind myself of its promise and potential. I will be conscious of my current life experience and the present set of beliefs I harbor towards myself, others, and the world I live in.

Sooner or later, I will learn to question all beliefs I have about myself and the world I live in. I will examine, reflect, and revise those beliefs; I will recognize them for what they are: a set of self-engendered, impermanent ideas, which can only guide and inform.

In Spirit, I believe without a doubt all things are possible. I choose to believe in a future unshaped by external circumstance: I choose to see it shaped instead by the creative capacity of my own inner wisdom and Self.

While thoughts may appear to have power and actions may suggest impact, it is the relationship I have to inner Being that gently fosters the greatest passion and possibility in life. Fully awakened, resting in Self-awareness, I will effortlessly Be.


Self-intimacy demands I live “my” truth regardless of the consequences. I was born to cultivate a dream, to share it with humanity. To know is not enough, I will take mindful action towards the intentions and desires, the dreams and visions, which speak, call, and inspire. The quality of this journey proceeds from the quality of the choices I make for this adventure.

Every choice I make is an action, every step I take - perfect. I will pursue choices in life that cultivate my dreams; I will live those aspirations like no other. I will elevate the gifts and talents I have been given, to create the world I envision.

What dreams and visions do I have for my life now?

The innocence of desire is the language of Soul; I will listen. What I desire, I appear to become. Where I find inspiration, I will also find joy; where I find joy, I will find the life throb of the ages. I may not know where I’m going, but I can always listen softly: I can let the miracle of inspiration and intuition guide me.

I will weave a dream of greatness by living a life fulfilled desire.

I will work with vision, I will live with passion. I will play BIG with all my dreams. I will recognize Spirit dwells within the innocence of every desire. I will surrender myself to the seeds of those most innocent desires. I will surrender each moment to the past, while experiencing something incredibly new in the present.

I will commit myself to those dreams and desires, may they flourish on a foundation of kind gentleness; may they bear the peace and well-being of a destiny well lived.

Recognizing Self - while living the dreams and visions I have for life, I access the power to transform not only my own life, but the world I live in: ONE vision, ONE dream, ONE energy, ONE life.


I will be aware of the fact I am aware, I will be mindful of where I place attention. I will notice Who I Am Being in every moment. I will be witness to every thought and action. I will attend to each moment with an attitude of acceptance and allowing, and practice compassion when I appear to fail.

I will define Self by Who I am Being - not by what I am thinking or doing.

I will rest in Self and in this silence - remember. In silence, I will remember the Universe dwells within me - as me. I will come to know this One Self through the wisdom of experience and Knowing, which lies here and now - everywhere and always. I will awaken to the ever-present silence behind a so-called mind.

My authentic Self is intuitive, creative, nourishing and wise.

I will meditate on this Self, I will rest quietly in this Self, I will center as THAT Self. Daily, I will rediscover the life expression of this One Spirit. I will connect easily and effortlessly with the inner wisdom and Knowing that is THAT Self. I will find peace and thrive; Knowing I AM THAT Self.

I see THAT Self reflected in the numerous leaves and branches of a single Oak tree. I walk its path on the top of a hundred glacial mountain peaks. I experience THAT Self on the shores of a thousand ocean beaches and in a million beams of sunshine.

I am cradled by the blessings of those senses: in the seeing, the hearing, the touching, the feeling and the smelling of this one great Earth. I recognize this Earth as an extension of my own body. I honor my body - as I also honor this Earth. I protect this body - as I also protect this Earth. I remember this Earth and all Universes are the playground of One Primordial Being.


More, is always built on the simplicity of less.

A single moment of Self-awareness is worth a thousand good deeds. Mastery of the mind awakens the magic of the One Great Soul. The purpose of meditation is not to acquire, gain or attain - but reveal.

Realization lies in stillness. My mind is still, my breath is deep, my body is quiet. In silence, mind remembers and body knows.

Self-knowledge produces the wisdom of wholeness and the experience of inner perfection. When mind is quiet and still - there can only be joy, in silence - there can only be bliss, in solitude - there is a simplicity and contentment in Being. In solitude, Self is already awake; in solitude, Self always belongs to Self.

Awareness within is the source and substance of all my good. I express gratitude and reverence for Self.

Innocence, joy, and freedom dwell within THAT Self.


What brings meaning and purpose - also brings joy. In awareness, I find infinite, unbounded freedom. All life flows from me - not to me. I AM the source of joy and suffering in life. As I cultivate inner awareness of Spirit - as joy, I need no outside stimulus.

Life is effortless when I am aware of my own inner perfection; peace exists here - in this ever-present moment called now.

I surrender to the nobility I AM - I abandon all that I’m not.

I awaken to inner Divinity and holiness; the power of Divinity has the power to transform.

I change the world One perception at a time - I begin with my own. I receive in life what I believe myself to be worthy of: I am already/always worthy by nature of my essential Being; I receive now.

Ten Questions For A New Humanity:

During the course of my life I will ask myself many questions. To know where I am heading, I will listen to the questions I am asking myself in every moment. Sometimes when I ask those questions I will receive a response to every situation as it occurs, and at other times, I might need to sit with those questions, accepting the unresolved unconditionally.

Most, will search outside themselves for answers, they will seek happiness in objects, others and world, and never fully be satisfied. Many, will ask questions that dwell only on the practical necessities of life and, as a result, live lives of mediocrity and suffering.

As I practice asking myself my most meaningful questions, I will learn to navigate not only the journey of my life but also, a Knowing of Soul.

Inevitably, all questions eventually merge to become One:

What am I doing for others and how can I contribute more to the Earth I live on?

I will ask questions only my Soul can answer; questions that bring clarity, purpose and meaning to this thing called life.

I will traverse my life experience with questions based on concern and inquiry, need and affirmation. I will be attentive not only to the Spirit of the One who is asking, but also, the One who listens, the One who sees, the One who smells, the One who tastes and touches. I will be attentive to the One source of humanity.


The Questions

Question #1

What aspirations do I have - if pursued, could provide the preamble for more peace, passion, inspiration and transformation in my life and the world I live in?

Question #2

Do the dreams, desires, gifts & talents I pursue, enhance, refine and elevate the resilience I have to my own life experience and inner wisdom; to the service I could provide to the One greater Earth community?

Question #3

How can I refine, enhance and elevate the visions and aspirations I have for my life, so they are synchronized in solidarity and kinship with others?

Question #4

What changes do I need to make in the way I live my life - that if made, could enhance the quality of my own well-being and the well-being of an extended Earth community?

Question #5

How can I live my life with greater congruence, admiration and reverence towards myself, others, and a larger living world?

Question #6

What unspoken questions, words, and conversations do I need to have, hear, or say, to foster a culture of peace and affirmation in my life experience and surroundings?

Question #7

What values do I need to adopt, enhance or abandon, to form a personal, sacred trust and foundation for a radical new life, world and humanity?

Question #8

How can I live my life with a greater reverence, admiration and humility for the mystery of Being and the place I have in nature?

Question #9

What can I do to elevate the shared responsibility I have in the stewardship of this One great Earth and humanity; to realize a global, peaceful, just and sustainable society?

Question #10

Recognizing all life as interconnected and interdependent: what three principles am I willing to commit too, affirm or cultivate in life, to elevate sustainable, ethical, ways of being for myself, others, and the planet I live on?

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