LataSita Zero-waste. Closed-loop. Ethical.

LataSita is a pioneering design studio creating zero-waste and ethically produced fashion using a closed-loop supply chain.

Hunting down fabric from diverse and sometimes unexpected sources - ranging from treasured private heirloom collections to the wardrobes of everyday women and even a Durga Puja pandal, we champion the circular economy by putting a special focus on using anything old and off the grid. The bulk of our collection comes from sarees sourced directly from the wardrobes of women.

Each piece is lovingly crafted at LataSita’s Kolkata studio which functions to the highest standard of ethics and sustainability.

A sneak peek into the LataSita studio

Acclaimed nationally and internationally, Nayak’s work has been exhibited in Taiwan, Stockholm, England, Kenya, Vietnam and Sri Lanka. She was selected from thousands of entries as one of three winners of the Scroll.in Eco India contest and featured in Deutsche Welle’s Eco India show. This aired on TV across Europe and on Deutsche Welle internationally in 2019 and is available to watch online. Recently, she was invited to Stockholm and Utrecht to showcase her work and speak about sustainable fashion.

Explore our pieces and find impeccably cut and tailored silhouettes for clothes that will complement the beauty of all shapes, sizes and ages, while maintaining the fun, light-hearted feel that has come to be LataSita’s signature.

Multi-functional, reversible tops created purely from vintage textiles
The Quilted Crop - created with 4-6 layers of fabric
" In using the upcycled saree, I found something that not only had a charming sense of newness and nostalgia, but the smallest carbon footprint and its ethical credentials intact."
Pieces created using vintage silk sarees, including our signature six saree skirt (bottom, yellow)
Our work is inventive, imaginative and unapologetically Indian, whilst being appealing to an international audience
" Apart from the very real impact of restoring thousands of metres of old fabric and diverting kilos of waste from going into landfill, I like to use LataSita and the process of making clothing to start a conversation with my customers, many of whom have zero interest in the environment and sustainability. "
A selection of pants created with old silk and polyester sarees and a zero-waste approach to pattern making
Our signature Let's Play Suit - same size on two different body types
Devi Dress - created using one full saree
Even the smallest scraps are put to use
The Puja Pandal Saree Project
I have sourced cloth not just from people’s wardrobes, I have bought entire puja pandals because the cloth was going to be dumped into landfill. My sources are the last place anyone else would look, as at that point that textile is considered useless. My challenge is making it aspirational. Creating with these textiles sourced from personally curated spaces is fascinating, and a real challenge, but leads to unbelievable finds, designs, and combinations.
Interior of Durga Puja pandals in Kolkata - an unexpected source of textile for LataSita

gender neutral


A project to show that we really don’t need to waste resources creating new textile - almost anything can be revived and its value increased. The time and effort, instead of creating something new, should be spent on creating human labour and adding value.