Weather and climate Tyler


They is a lot of weather like storms and floods.

Wen a lot is f rian or a lot of different weather

Sum can kill you sum can,t kill you

Each day you can see how you now he weather by pot it on a pesos saper

A climate is a large number for people to tryout different ways

They're are different ways of weather

Biomes are things that are different in different ways

They are different ways for a biomes

Are different ways to makeThings true

A large number for a number is not the new one


Created with images by andreymlanhi - "sky thunderstorm storm" • NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "Satellite Shows West Coast June Gloom and Actinoform clouds" • SEDACMaps - "Climate Zones, Scenario B1 2001 - 2025, Global" • Karen Roe - "Eden Project 07-03-2005" • michael.po - "flood" • garlandcannon - "Imagine Yourself As A Carnation" • Dimitry B - "Sunset, Lençóis, Bahía, Brazil"

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