MTtalabeach MTtalabeach is cold and hot, ski and swim and then your caught

MTtalabeach's seal:

  • MTtalabeach has room for every sport. You can go skiing in the mountains, swim in the ocean, and explore in the forest. There is even a little town for homes, schools, and stores.
  • MTtalabeach has community rules to keep every one safe, healthy, and smart.
  1. On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, you have to go to school for at least 4 hours to learn math, science, and English. Any other classes are optional.
  2. No more than 10 minutes of homework per class.
  3. Respect other people.
  4. Respect other peoples property.
  5. Treat everyone like a friend.
  6. Everyone can have 1 phone, and that's all the technology you can have.
  7. Families get to set their own bedtime.
  8. Parents have to provide for the family.
  9. No harming other humans.
  10. Know how to ski and swim.
  • MTtalabeach is located near North Carolina in the Atlantic Ocean. MTtalabeach is located in the Atlantic ocean because the water is warm. Because the water is warm, it is more enjoyable to serf, swim, and play in the ocean.
  • A daily schedule of someone that lived on my land would be like this:
  1. Wake up at about 8:00
  2. Get ready for school
  3. Learn at school
  4. Do homework
  5. Put on ski clothes and drive up into the mountains
  6. Ski
  7. Go to the beach to relax for the rest of the day.
  8. Dinner
  9. (maybe party)
  10. Bed
  • MTtalabeach is a Republic type of government. We want our people to choose good leaders to rule them. We wouldn't want our land to be ruled by Kings and Queens that are evil and not wanted. We want our people to be free, and able to make their own choices, but we need to have laws and rules to keep people safe.
  • Come live at MTtalabeach were you can have a variety of hobbies and activities. You can be high in the mountains and ski, or you can spend your day relaxing at the beach. You can even grab a tent and spend the night by a campfire with marshmallows. You can get cozy by the fire in your mountain cabin, or sit on the deck of your dream beach house. You can even live in the small town by the schools and stores.








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