Culture Festival Blacklick Elementary

On November 19, 2018, Blacklick Elementary hosted their 4th Annual Culture Festival. This annual celebration of cultures drew 300 family and community members to learn and celebrate with one another.

Attendees had a chance to experience other cultures by sharing in some traditional foods, speaking words in different languages and learning about the customs and traditions from the cultures of their classmates and community members.

Each student from Blacklick had at least one piece of art on display inspired from art and traditions from all around the world. Kente cloth designs inspired by Ghanaian weavers, Japanese Cherry Blossom paintings, and X - Ray art inspired from Australian Aboriginals were all on display for guest to enjoy.

Students lead performances of songs and dances from countries of their own heritage as well as from across the world!

What a wonderful opportunity to gather together in one place and celebrate our similarities and differences.

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