Martin Puryear Exhibit at the Smithsonian American Art museum

comfortingcomfortingworking two jobs and going to school full time, I find it hard to find time to make to the Harn these days. so I decided to take my computer the a local café, the weather is chilly and comforting and the coffee is pleasantly hot, what better setting to take an online museum tour.

The artist I found most interesting was Martin Puryear, who is an American artist that is known for his skillful devotion to traditional crafts.

Untitled(sitting girl) 1964-66 was the first piece of work I saw that caught my attention . while looking at this I cant help but think about the intricacies behind capturing simplicity, it truly is remarkable. I found myself looking at this piece the longest, its tarting to get really chilly out here....time for a coffee refill!
Untitled, pen and black inc, on woven tan paper 1964-66. this is the second piece I saw, looking at this I can’t help but think about my time spent on vacation in Vietnam, seeing these tiny huts on the most beautiful landscapes. I think about the people who inhabit these huts, and how different my life would have been if I came from similar circumstances. while I sit in front of this computer, drinking coffee, "taking an art tour" I can’t help but think about the extreme privilege I’ve had in my life, because of the place I was born, the color of my skin, my parents, it’s given me easier opportunity to navigate my way through life.
Gbago-1966. Was the final piece to “stop me in my tracks”. I find it very aesthetically pleasing, I love the composition. And the expression on the subjects face, shows so much hard work and pain, yet so much content and happiness for life and its fulfillment. Reminds me of how not matter what in life there is always a lesson to be learned, as long as your honest enough with yourself to learn it.
now, the coffee has gotten to cold and my sweater is no longer doing the trick, so this concludes my "visit" to the Smithsonian. thanks for tagging along!


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