Fantastical U-Boats And hOw to combat them

A U-Boat submarine and they came in great numbers.
The British assumed these subs were meant for coastal defense. . . They were wrong.
British merchant ships usually either tried to flee from the subs or ram them. But they decided to try new ways of combat and disguised newer ships as merchant ones. Knowing a U-Boat would attack with no fear, turns out the disguised ship was armed and would assault the U-Boat.
This was all well and good but still not enough, the U-Boats still had an advantage.
This Depth Charge would be a devastating blow against any submarine. When these bombs were launched into the water they didn't need a direct blow to completely blow the competiton out of the water.
Literally. Blow them out the water.
They felt they needed more however, for the Depth Charges weren't made in a surplus. So the skies became a new friend for fighting the sea. Even then not just the U-Boats were attacked by having a not-so-friendly bomb dropped, for the Germans had copied the model as well and took these "flying boats" on unexpected strikes.

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