Frogs Hannah

Frogs have two legs and two arms. Their back legs help propel them into the air. Thier front arms help them land safely on the ground.

Most frogs and toads either live in ponds or mossy areas. You might even know them from seeing them commonly in your backyard. The soft slippery moss helps cushion their jump.

Some frogs are hard to see because they are camouflaged in the plants. It is also sometimes hard to spot small tadpoles in the water.

Tadpoles are frogs begfore they grow. In the picture above you can see it's legs starting to form. Usually frogs lay eggs in very large groups with hundreds of eggs in each. Tadpoles have many siblings.


Stawberry poison dart frogs lay their eggs on the ground in the moist moss. When the eggs are about to hatch she brings them to a plant called a bromeliad. This plant holds little pools of water on its leaves. She puts each of the eggs in a separate bromeliad pool. In this pool they finish hatching into tadpoles and sit until they can survive on their own.

In conclusion, frogs are very important to our environment. They help keep the bug population low. Many people also have them as pets. They are not harmful to nature and can be very beautiful with their coloring. Next time you are outside, keep a look out for frogs. They are everywhere!


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