Where I've Been To my people, my son and my love penelope

CICONIES: After leaving Troy, I took note that my crew would need some more supplies so I sent us to the land of the Cyconies where we raided the town and showed no mercy. I saw some survivors running inland and I foresaw that they might return with an army if my crew and I were to stay longer. Wanting to save my crew, I took a stand and instructed them to board the boats and leave. Poor men who were not wise enough as I was to see the danger that awaited. Many of my poor men were lost in the joy of the raid and failed to hear my command. As a result, many foolish men in my group lost their lives to the Ciconian army that arrived on horseback.
LOTUS EATERS: After escaping the attack of the ciconies, our ship was thrown about the ocean for three days til we landed on an unknown shore. I sent three of my men to go investigate the land but they never returned. I soon found evidence that led me to learn that they were eating Lotus flowers. I discovered how its sweet flavor tricked people into losing sight of their loved ones and their home. I made sure to make it clear to my crew what the dangers of Lotus brings As quickly as possible I called my crew back onto the ships to save them from the danger and then set sail to a new land.
CYCLOPS: The rest of my men and I then approached another land, this one with a large cave, large enough to fit a barbaric monster. Oh, did I wish to know if a beast of that size existed, so my crew and I investigated. Assuming that the tennant was a hospitable host, we helped ourselves to some rich cheese and made a fire to warm us as we waited. Soon arrived the son of Posidon, Polyphemus. The cyclops let his sheep into the cave and closed the opening with a giant rock.

The Cyclops greeted us by eating some of my men and questioning us immediately. I told him my name was Nohbody. He said that he would eat us in the morning and then let himself rest. In his sleep, I began to compose a brilliant plan to save us. We could not have killed him, although it would have been an easy chore, because that would leave us trapped in the cave. I had my crew assemble a giant wooden stake with a point at the end, had them burn the tip to a red firey glow. With my great strength, my crew and I thrusted the stake into his eye and blinded him but when he called to his brothers that "Nohbody has hurt me." He only made himself look more foolish, thanks to my great wits. The next morning we escaped underneath the rams but as we claimed victory, the cyclops had posidon set a curse on me, that I would not return

LAND OF AEOLIA: We then arrived on the island of the wind god Aeolus, who did me a favor to help me get my crew back home. He put the stormy winds into a bull's hide bag which I set under the deck. However, as we aproached Ithica, my crew did not wish to respect my privacy and set the winds free due to their curiosity. We were then sent back to Aeolia by raging waters and twisting winds.
LAESTRYGONIANS: Back on Aeaea, we ran into gigantic cannibals called the laestrygonians who ate my crew and my ships. All but one ship was left and just enough men to fill it escaped the island.
CIRCE: Our sails then led us to a beautiful island which I sent men to explore. One reported that as they aproached an stone house, they were greeted by calm lions and wolves, drugged by the enchantress in the house. As they entered, they heard the soft voice of the enchantress goddess Circe who offered them drugged wine and soon after, all of the men, but one who did not drink it, turned to pigs. So bold and brave, I set out to save them and was given a plant with protecting powers by the gods. Realizing that I am superior to her power, Circe set my men free but persuaded us with her powers to stay for a year and a half until she finally gave in to us begging her to let me and my men go home to my wonderful wife and home.
LAND OF THE DEAD: Circe then sent me and my men to the land of the dead where I had to enter alone to the other side to confront the blind prophet Teiresias and learn my fate. I sacrificed a lamb and he told me that I would be the lone survivor of my crew because on the land of Thrinakia, my crew will be killed because they will eat the cattle of Helios
SIRENS: We came across the island of the sirens where it is heard they anyone who hears their beautiful song will forget their family and their homes and go to live with them. I covered each of my crewmates ears so that they would not hear the song and I had them tie me to a post so that I could still hear the song but I could not be captured by it. We escaped safely.
SCYLLA AND CHARYBDIS: I came across a fork in the road where i would either have to encounter Charybdis, a giant whirlpool, or Scylla, an evil six headed monster. Forseeing that Charybdis would kill us all, I took us to Scylla, where she ate up one man for each head, but we continued on.
THRINAKIA: We finally arrived to Thrinakia, where our destiny was to be fufilled. I, however, did not tell my crew that they would die, but I told them not to eat the cows of the sun god no matter what. As time went on a large everlasting storm grew and kept us stranded on the island. Eventually, all my men disobeyed and were killed, and I was left alone.
CALLYPSO: I then reached the island of Callypso, a goddess almost as beautiful as my Penelope, who keep me trapped on her island to be her lover for seven years. I spent every night crying to be set free, to go home to my gorgeous wife Penelope. I escaped her capture when she decided to let me free and she gave me a decision to make. She said I could be immortal if I chose to stay with her or she could provide me a ship home. I told her that I loved my wife so much that I had to go home because my love Penelope was worth more than eternal life.
PHAEACIA: I then went to Phaeacia and told the kings my story of the places I had been and what I have overcome. I let them know that Odysseus was still alive.


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