Dixie Junior Livestock Show Social Media Scholarship Assignment

STEP 1: Find photos to share

Option 1. Find the earliest photo of you showing your animal. Recreate this photo today as a high school senior.

Option 2. Create a meme with a funny photo of you and your project animal (nothing inappropriate of course). Could be this year or in the past.

Option 3. Find a photo of you as a kid with your animal and a more recent photo of you with your animal. Put them side-by-side.

Option 4. Find a photo that would make for a great "Caption This" post.

You must choose at least 2 of the 4 options listed here. You will be creating at least 2 posts to share. The better job you do, the more likely you will be to win a 4-H buckle...Did I mention you could win a buckle?

STEP 2. Write a long-form post

Directions: With the picture you selected, write a long-form Facebook (or Instagram - but make sure you post to Facebook as well) post about your experience raising livestock and what you have learned (300-500 words). How many years have you shown? What specific lesson(s) have you learned? Share a specific story behind the lesson you learned. How has raising livestock made a difference in your life?

Use the hashtag #DJLS2017

Like the Dixie Junior Livestock Show Facebook page and TAG it in your post.

STEP 3. Thank people & businesses

Directions: In your long-form post thank the people who have been there to support you along the way: parents, 4-H club leaders, FFA advisors, friends, neighbors, buyers etc.

TAG these people and businesses in your post! Make sure they know how much you appreciate them.

STEP 4. Ask for support

Directions: In your post, ask people to come and support the kids at the Dixie Junior Livestock Show on Saturday, April 29th from 10-2pm by purchasing the livestock projects at the auction.

That's it. the DJLS Committee will be checking the #DJLS2017 hashtag and checking off which scholarship recipient completes this assignment. If you complete your duties on this assignment and the assignments at the show, then you get your scholarship! If not, then no 💵.

Remember to use the hashtag #DJLS2017

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