Purple hair promotes species conservation by remi levitt

Being environmentally conscious can be seen in the forms of using metal straws instead of plastic, carpooling, and taking quicker showers, though, there is now a new way to save the planet: purple hair.

A movement called “Purple for the Planet” was started by the “Sambazon” acai company, which aims to protect over 30 species of animals from extinction in 30 days. Every post on Instagram of a person with purple hair featuring the hashtag #PurpleForThePlanet will protect five acres of rainforest land.

Celebrities such as Ashley Tisdale, Debby Ryan, Josh Peck and Madelaine Petsch have participated in this effort, and on Sunday May 19, Staples’ own Cate Casparius ’19 made her mark on the movement.

“I really hate being bored,” Casparius ’19 said. “I was getting a haircut and saw a celebrity instagram post with purple hair, so I thought that doing a Purple for the Planet event would be the perfect thing to throw all of my energy into.”

The event took place at Casparius’ house and was open to all community members to participate in a variety of purple-themed activities; buying Cate Bakes’ purple cupcakes, dressing up in purple attire, and getting hair braided and dyed purple by K.C Hair Salon owner Sean Pitt are just a few.

“I saw a bunch of posts about [the event] and thought that it was a really fun way to raise money for such an important cause,” Julieanne Mcgrath ’20 said. “I got my hair sprayed purple and bought some cupcakes to contribute. It definitely felt good knowing I made an impact on animal conservation.”

Local companies such as Athleta, Planet Pizza and Saugatuck sweets donated gift cards and various prizes to be won in a raffle, where all proceeds went to Sambazon. In four hours, Casparius and her team of volunteers raised approximately $1,300 for species conservation.

“Seeing such a variety of people who came to support the cause was really cool,” Emily Putman ’19, a volunteer at the event, said. “A lot of our friends showed up to participate, but there were also so many kids and families who wanted to help us make a difference.”

Casparius will be holding a second Purple for the Planet event on June 10 outside of K.C. Salon & Company to continue in her efforts to raise money for conservation.


all photos by Remi Levitt

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