Faces Converse inthe territory of disneyland

In the grounds of Disneyland that is located within the territories of France, I witnessed the eye talks of several children who got me enthralled. I stared and built different thoughts of what could possibly be hidden behind such innocent orbs. I attempted capturing such splendid moments with the lens of my camera in those thin moments during my three days two nights stay within the province of Disneyland. They spoke of confusion, admiration, glee and sadness. But with all the different expressions they held on their small faces, it was painted with innocence one cannot deny. With age gap that could possibly rise to 10 years, they still emitted the aura of pureness and harmless causing the soul to drop down the hard walls we built through our journey into the adults’ world. Disneyland, or what one would call the land of happiness, is where one could find the genuine excitement in the faces of all its attendants. And here, I shall share with you the messages delivered from the innocent children to the adults through their faces.

I stare longer as we lock gazes,

She smiles at me and I cant hold myself back.

I draw a smile across my face,

Causing the wrinkles at the side of eyes.

She giggles softly, teeth barely showing,

A soft blush colors her cheeks.

We both grin, and soon laugh,

Can no longer hold our selves back.

We swiftly turn the heels of our shoes,

And with both backs facing each other,

We say our goodbyes silently.

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