Arctic Tundra- Greenland Anna Ross simpson

Climate in Greenland

  • Average Rainfall Min:8 in Max:35 in
  • Average Temperature Min:-4 degrees Max:68 degrees
  • The seasons in Greenland are very diverse and have very distinctive marks that differents them from one another. Some activities that take place in Greenland are seasonal such as dogsledding and witnessing the northern lights. Both those activities usually take place during Winter.

Net Primary Productivity

  • Net Primary Productivity (Kilocalories/ square meter/ year): 600
  • Approximate Kilocalories per square meter per day: 2
  • Growing Season # of Frost Free Nights: 0
  • Rainfall per year in inches: less than 10
  • Type of Land: Barren- ice
  • Percent of Earths Land Surface- 33%
  • Comparing the Polar Biome to other biomes our numbers are smaller in most categories such as Approximate Kilocalories per square meter per day. Most biomes are in the double digits at least but we come to about 2. However we do have the highest percent of earths land surface. That means our biome can be found over more of Earths surface than others. It is also usually located above the 30 degrees latitude line.

Soil Quality

  • There isn't a lot of soil found in Greenland because it is mostly located under the ice sheets. In fact, the highest point on Greenland's ice sheet, under it ,is soil that can be dated back to before humans even walked on Earth. This goes to show that they don't really farm in Greenland because of the soil and the climate. With such cold temperatures the crops couldn't survive anyways.

Invasive and Endangered

Greenland White Tailed Eagle

Invasive or Endangered? Endangered. The Greenland White Tailed Eagle because of Greenlands high count lead poisonings, trauma, illegal poisoning, and collisions with trains.

Canadian Geese

The Canadian Geese had originally come to Greenland from, well, Canada. These animals are considered Invasive because they are not from Greenland, and they have caused the decline in the White-Fronted Geese that were originally from Greenland. They have also caused the White-Fronted Geese to change their migration patterns.

Animals in the Arctic Tundra

Plants in Arctic Tundra


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