Beyoncé and Adele: Friends or Foes? Did Beyoncé really just pay Tribute to Adele at the Beauty and the Beast Premiere?

Beyoncé and Adele are both the queens of the pop culture world however on the night of the Grammy's they were pitted against each other for the crown of the ultimate queen. On that night Adele had ultimately won but not without addressing her fellow competitor. She not only dedicated her whole entire acceptance speech to the Queen Bey but had even worn a lemon pin in tribute to her inspiring Lemonade album. However just recently we believe Beyoncé had just paid back the favor to Adele or did she?

Beyoncé and Adele both preform at the 2017 Grammy's

Many fans were quick to point out that at the night of the Beauty and the Beast premiere when Beyonce and Blue Ivy arrived they noticed that Beyonce’s young daughter arrived at the premiere in a 26,000 dollar dress from the Gucci children’s Spring Summer 2017 collection and on her dress was a 25 pin. Twitter exploded from this looking for answers and wanting to see if this was really a tribute to Adele. However there are many other theories for this “25” symbol

Beyonce and Blue Ivy arrive at the Beauty and the Beast premiere. Blue Ivy wearing a rather curious "25"pin

Popular theories including that it might be for Beauty and the Beast’s 25th anniversary which was just this last November. Another theory is that it was already embroidered onto the dress in the first place, according to an outside quote from the Huffington Post “(A rep for Gucci told The Huffington Post that “the number 25 is a favorite number of [Creative Director] Alessandro [Michele’s] and it’s used throughout the Gucci collections.”)” This is something that many people believe to be true but it is still a possibility that she chose a dress from that collection with that number for a reason, right?

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry's beef against each other

Many fans believe that this is starting a bond between the two amazing female singers that is symbolizing how they are breaking the rule that Hollywood makes forcing female singers of the same level to compete against each other.. As it says in the post by Refinery29 “Everyone is loving this symbolism because it completely defies the way Hollywood often pits women against each other. In a world of Taylor Swift vs. Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj vs Remy Ma, Beyoncé and Adele refuse to fall into the trap.”

Now, there are many theories about this controversial bond between Beyonce and Adele some of them good, some bad some of them ridiculous while others inspiring. Now we are not sure which of these are actually correct but for now we’ll let you guys decide.

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