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Day 1 of 62 - The Adventure of a Lifetime.

  • 11 strangers became a family, settling in a crowded but homely Vanilla Woods, Kolkata, India.
Day 4 - We met our Youth Mentors at Thoughtshop Foundation.
Thoughtshop Foundation is an NGO established in India to combat social issues such as gender inequality, child marriage, child labour and domestic abuse. The aim of the foundation is to educate children and adolescents about these issues in a social and enjoyable setting.

Day 6 - Our first day at The YRC.

  • Each teaching pair was assigned two YRC groups. A YRC is a youth resource cell where the children gather in clusters every week to learn about social issues. While we were there they met us to take English class.
  • My YRC groups were Alor Sandhan and Ujaan.
  • Each week we spent Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at the YRCs. We spent two hours per day working with each cluster of children focusing on English Vocabulary, and two hours working with the Youth Mentors working on English Grammar and Lesson Planning.
Day 10 - Rajesh at Iceberg made everyday better with Egg Rolls and Fried Rice.

day 24 - The sundarbans

  • A sweaty packed 3 hour train journey brought us to the beautiful Sundarbans were we spent the night having a sing-song under the stars with our fellow VP17 group.
Day 32 - We travelled to Varanasi to see The Ganges, The Ghats and Religious traditions of Hinduism in India.
Day 37 - Trip to AQUATICA with Ujaan YRC.

Day 43 - Final Day at the YRC.

"When One Teaches, Two Learn"
"I am Smart. I am Kind. I have Value. I have Power."
  • Pictured below is two of our Youth Mentors and best friends - Bandana and Shampa who are now carrying out English classes in their communities with the plans we developed alongside them .

Day 50 - Travelling India; Kolkata - Sikkim - Agra - Jaipur - Jaisalmer.

Day 62 of 62.
Everyone asks "How was India?" but no words can describe the way you feel to be part of the most amazing experience.
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