Gyro Boy evan hawes

Project Description

Our project was to build 1 of 4 robots and run the program that was made for it. My partner and I decided to correctly build the gyro boy. The gyro boy was able to stand on 2 wheels and turn, go forward, and stop when it senses a certain color.

Program Code 1

This code was built to allow the robot to stay up on 2 wheels by moving forward when leaning forward, or moving backward when leaning backward.

Program Code 2

This code was created to sense a color and react to it. For example, if the robot senses the color blue then it will turn to its left.

Picture of Robot

What I Learned

I learned to double check your robot while making the robot in case you made a mistake. This is because if you make 1 small error than it could ruin the robot completely. I also learned to be patient when running the robot. This is because the robot can sometimes be random when it runs the program so you will have to wait.



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