This is Mercy A place created by women for women

Starting high school is like being in a play. In a play there is an audition, a cast, costumes, and on opening night it’s always a little nerve wracking but exciting. Mercy is my stage and I’m so excited to show you what’s behind the curtain.

Mercy is an all girls catholic high school in Omaha Nebraska. It’s a place where all are welcome, the athletes, the geniuses, the singers, the actresses, and the technicians.

Welcome to Mercy!

This bulletin board shows there are 57 Mercy schools across the map. Not only are there high schools but also colleges and hospitals.

Where girls can not only learn about science and math but also they can grow in their faith.

Mercy is a place where girls become women of mercy. Where girls can learn, grow, make everlasting friendships, and mature.

Although it’s nerve wracking I think I’m ready to open the curtain and start the show!

To find more photo essays go to mercymonarchs.org

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