Bakers By:Briana Abarca Martinez

what responsibilities does a baker have

  • A baker has to draw out the cake or have a picture in there mind
  • A baker needs to watch the cake so the cake can come out good
  • It will be easier if you know how to use some of the ingredients

The schools that a baker can go to

  • cook street school of culinary school Denver, Colorado
  • institute of culinary education the one is in New, York
  • Kendall college of culinary arts Illinois, Chicago

What you can do with your career/ how bakers use the subjects

  • your can work for a company
  • have a company of your own
  • you use math by counting the money or by me counting the ingredients you need
  • you use reading by by reading the recipes
  • you use writing by writing down the ingredents
  • they can start working since 3 am to 7 pm that is sometimes

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