From the Principal

I came across an article this week from 2014 in which Jacoba Urist, a journalist from the Atlantic, interviewed Walter Mischel, influential and modern psychologist of the famed ‘marshmallow experiment’.

Even once allowing for the factors of trust, environment, socio economic background and preferences for sweets, the marshmallow test was conclusive in its finding that children who were able to delay gratification were more likely to have successful lives.

From the outset, the Jewish people have been marshmallow-tested at every stage. Avraham had to wait to have children, as did all the forefathers and foremothers. The Jewish people had to wait an agonising 40 years to reach the land of Israel only to have the Temple built an unfathomable 400 years later. Moments of instant gratification, such as receiving the Torah on Mount Sinai have often been followed by spectacular lows, the Golden Calf being a case in point.

And while we are a people who quite like our food, Jewish History has shown that we are a people who are, for the most part, able to evade the marshmallow temptation and continue to work towards the bigger picture.

A modern example of this is the post school life of our Israeli brethren. Their wait, for university studies and building a career, is delayed greatly by their obligation and insistence on giving to our country and our people. They first give of themselves to the greater good.

Our Tzevet, young Israelis who come here for a year after army service to help the Carmel students and the Perth Community are a case in point. Rina, Lior, Aharon and Moriah have not eaten a marshmallow yet, despite being 5 years post school. Instead they have served in the IDF, enriched their Torah learning and volunteered to give what they can to a (somewhat) remote Jewish Community here in Western Australia. And they have done so with aplomb! The service that these young women and men have given our school is immeasurable. They have helped our students with Hebrew reading, run informal programs and become firm friends and mentors to our students.

To the Tzevet of 2016/7, we salute you! We thank you for all you have given Carmel School and by extension, the Jewish people at large.

We wish you a life of health, success and happiness. A life that is full of the marshmallows you have so patiently waited for and richly deserve.

Stay in touch, and see you at the Shorashim reunion in 2018!

Shabbat Shalom


Year 10 Building Bridges

Carmel School hosted the Building bridges programme. Students from Carey Baptist and Newman College spent the day at Carmel learning about Judaism and the unique Jewish culture.

Students participate in the Building Bridges Project held this week at Carmel School

Tisha B'Av

The High School marked Tisha B'Av with several different tefilla activities appropriate to the day. During recess, the Year 12 cohort put together an impressive gallery of Jewish history telling the story of Tisha B'Av over the ages.


Last week the Year 11 Hebrew students participated in a very lively ‘Master chef’ competition as a fare well to the amazing bachurim and bachurot. The students were each paired up with a Bachur/Bachura and were tasked to make the best dish they could. Competition was fierce however there could only be one winner, Liron and RIna. Everyone enjoyed the experience immensely and will sorely miss all that the Tzevet have done for them. Lehitraot, vetodah rabah !

Year 11 CEO (Careers, Enterprise and Opportunity) Program

This week we welcome Dorot Carmel Steve Grynberg (2002) into Carmel School to speak with the current students in Year 11. Steve reflected on his time as a student in Years 11/12, the challenges related to his studies, the importance of developing diversity through community service / volunteerism, the intangible aspects of growth and development such as people skills / empathy and understanding, taking advantage of opportunities which present and developing strong and enduring networks in life. Steve linked these to his experience in business and to his role as State Manager of Mo-Mobiles (Vodafone) in Western Australia. We are most grateful to Steve for taking the time to share their life experiences with our current students. In the coming weeks students will have other guest speakers and off campus industry visits to strengthen their understanding of 'Careers, Enterprise and Opportunity'.

Mr Steve Grynberg

Farewell to the Tzevet

At Wednesday lunchtime we said a sad farewell to our fabulous tzevet who are returning to Israel after a wonderful year of giving to our school and to our community.

Lior, Moriah, Rina and Aaron - Thank you for everything. We will miss you. See you in Israel!

Day out with Zionist Madrich

Dan and Sam from Year 10 enjoying a day out at the West Coast Eagle with one of our Zionist mads, Peleg

Debating Finals

Congratulations to Novice Carmel 3 Debaters for an outstanding season, which sadly came to an end in the final round this week. Carmel’s opposition, Methodist Ladies College 5, won the proposition: That schools should be liable for lifestyle related health issues with their students (e.g. obesity, smoking), by 1 lead point, where our team’s negative arguments were certainly the more difficult angle to approach. A sequence of unfortunate and unpredictable events hindered our success on the night; however, each debater can be pleased on their arguments, rebuttals and achievement. Well done Novice Carmel 3!

Mrs. Kagan

Carmel Novice Debators

Academic Assembly Semester 1

Congratulations to the students below who were awarded Certificates of Merit and Excellence at the Academic Assemblies held recently. Well done to Zoe Katz who was appointed to the SRC, Kaylee Posner, Danielle Gunders-Hunt and Alyza Taub who received their seniors badges .

Academic Assembly Semester 1

Reminder to parents about road safety

Please could parents remember not to drop off children at the entrance to the car park as it results in chaos and a back up of cars. Students are quite capable of walking a few extra meters!

Primary School News

Tisha B'Av

On Tisha B'Av Morah Posner taught children from Kindy to Year 4 about the First and Second Temples. The lessons were very engaging and the children were fascinated by all the interesting details they heard. Morah Posner had assembled a model of the Second Beit Hamikdash from a craft pack which had been denoted by Emma Rockman's granny. The model further enhanced the children's' understanding.

Year 3 buddy sessions with Kindy

During our weekly Kindy buddy sessions, the Year 3 students have been taking on the task of guided their Kindy buddy through an exploration of the number 5. We have been using 5 frames, coloured manipulatives and whiteboards to explore this concept. The Year 3 students have been experimenting with different teaching techniques to best connect with and guide their star kindy

Jewish Interactive PD for Primary Hebrew Teachers

Hebrew teachers in the primary school participated in a 3 day PD with Liat Moss from Jewish Interactive last week

They learned how to create games and activities on the iPad to play in class with their students to reinforce reading, vocabulary and comprehension. As a result of the PD, students are already playing a variety of games on the jitap website which can be accessed on both laptops and iPads.

Growing Wise Minds

A group of approximately 40 parents and caregivers gather together on Thursday 27th of July to listen to Tracy Hart share her invaluable insights into how to facilitate our children to grow wise minds. Tracy Hart is a school psychologist and a teacher with over 25 years’ experience working with little ones in child care, primary schools and with young adults in secondary settings and has created the amazing Grow Wise Minds Special Events Calendar.

The calendar provides a scaffold and reminder to facilitate little ones to:

• Recognize and normalise emotions

• Cope with worry, sadness, anger, frustration and disappointment

• Develop empathy, optimism, gratitude and positive body image

• Learn body safety behaviours

• Take BIG DEEP breaths

Should you wish to purchase one of these calendars they are available in the office from Mrs Osrin for $30.

Farewell to the Tzevet from the Primary School

On Monday morning after havdalah the primary school students and their teachers farewelled the 4 members of the tzevet in a short ceremony.

The tzevet were presented with a photo book capturing memories of their year in our school. A short clip was shown of students saying goodbye and wishing them well. We are so grateful to the tzevet for all their hard work over the year both in and out of the classroom and will miss them dearly. We say todah rabah and lehitraot until we see them again in Israel.

Batmitzvah Girls

Mrs Lazar has recently began interviewing Bar/Batmitzvah students starting with the Year 6 Cohort. See the interviews below with Lily and Ailee Mae


Lily is a proud member of the Nevoh house and our Environmental Manager. Under Lily’s leadership, our chickens have been kept alive for a record amount of time and the walk to school participants have been aptly rewarded with cereal and milk on their arrival at school.

Lily had her Bat Mitzvah at Noranda shule. Lily’s Bat mitzvah Parsha was Parshat Balak in which a donkey ‘had more insight than Bilaam his master’ and the main message of her Dvar Torah was that anyone can be a leader in the way they set an example for others.

She enjoys baking Challah and playing the saxophone in our school band. Lily has a love of cats (which she is looking forward to talking about with Mrs. George when she comes to high school) and Art, a talent that has been nurtured by Morah Leanne. Although Lily is a gentle soul, she won second place at the Karate tournament and loves to watch stand up comedy.

Mazal Tov Lily on your Bat Mitzvah!



Ailee Mae was born on her great-grandmother’s birthday and bears her name, Mae.

For her Bat mitzvah, Ailee Mae received 2 candle sticks which she lights every Friday night. The highlight of her bat mitzvah was spending time with her 3 grandparents and cousins in South Africa. It is evident that Ailee Mae values family and time spent together for Jewish occasions. Although Ailee Mae likes Adam Sandler movies and learning science from Mrs. Higg and Mrs. Friedman, her greatest love is sport. In Grades 3, 4 and 5 she was champion girl and in grades 4 and 5 was awarded most outstanding athlete. Zfat is so excited to have Ailee Mae join their house next year!

We wish Ailee Mae mazal tov on becoming Bat Mitzvah and know that she will continue to bring nachas to her family, friends and school.

Ailee Mae

Primary library news

Thank you Ashton of Kindy for your generous donation of two books, Do not lick this book by Idan Ben-Barak and Everyone by Christopher Neal in honour of your recent 5th birthday.

Ashton Hurwitz

We have received five excellent pre-loved titles from Maytal of Year 6.1. Thank you, Maytal!

Maytal Vider

Jeans for Genes Day

This Friday is Jeans for Genes day! Students are encouraged to wear jeans and bring a gold coin donation for this important cause. All High School donations can be handed to the Mentor teachers, and Primary School donations handed to the classroom teachers. Congrats to Sivan and Karin who are driving this fundraiser in our Primary School. Join the movement!

Please note that Rabbi Tatz will also be giving several talks to High School Students and staff on the Monday morning, August 28.’

New P&F Fundraiser: Student Led Initiative

The Carmel P&F have a New Fundraising Event, thanks to the thoughtfulness of Gia Ismay, a year 6 Carmel Student, who approached Mrs. Fisher about fundraising idea she wanted to suggest to the P&F. A team of 3 P & F members along with Mrs Fisher met with Gia before the end of term 2 for her to present her proposal. Gia provided a sample of a Personalised Kiddush Wine bottle with art work created by students and placed as a new label over the bottle. All at the meeting were very impressed with Gia’s foundation work, in researching costs of bottles and the cost to make and print the labels.

The P&F have embraced this wonderful idea of selling personalised pieces of art. We feel it is a Perfect project to link the primary and high school in creating a wonderful Shabbos or Yom Tov memento. In keeping with having a responsible view on alcohol we have elected to place labels on Kosher Grape Juice.

So how is this going to work?

Each class or mentor group are being provided with a single page to decorate which will then be converted into a wonderful label.

How much will it cost ?

$12 per bottle OR 12 Tribes Special $120 for 12 bottles (buyer's choice)

How do I order?

Cash & Paper sales

Order forms available at reception, attached in FB / included as part of Kesher notices.


We are getting close to achieving our $10 000 Target for funds build a covered walkway in the highschool. As Gia brought the idea to the P&F she has been given the recognition of assigning a portion of money raised from this initiative towards a project of her choice. With Gia’s great enthusiasm for art, she is keen to see some of the funds being used in the Visual Arts area.

The P&F Committee & Staff are very excited to work on this Student initiative as it’s a wonderful reflection about helping a child find their voice and grow through this valuable experience. We hope you find a way to support us and the school in working towards improving facilities for all the students.

Thank you,

Carmel School P&F

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