Openness was a big theme this week in English 1030. Or, at least I think so with this weird raid we had. I suppose now that I think about it there were actually two forms of openness with this raid. One form entails being open to the details of the unorthodox assignment, and another entails being open about your personal experiences within the assignment. Now, in terms of both I would say I was set. The assignment details were pretty straightforward to me, regardless of their content. I know what I had to do and I knew how I MIGHT go about doing it. I'll step over to the actual content of the assignment now because that's the order in which I did this. I get in what I like to call "writing grooves" where everything just flows out. It usually happens when I write about something I care about. This assignment really light a spark in me because I wrote about something I'm very passionate about. I opened the flood gates to my heart and my history and shed light on memories and emotions I hold close to my heart. I was glad this class allowed me to write about something so personal and so thought provoking and creative at the same time. I'm also glad I was able to keep an open mind about this assignment and have the courage to write about what I wrote about. Now, in terms of the part of the assignment I assume most people had a "hard" time being open to was the coloring/text change. I put hard in quotes just because It wasn't necessarily a hard task just a different task and maybe some people didn't know where to start (like me). I tried highlighting all the reoccurrences of one word the same color and maybe bolding or changing a font here and there. Honestly, if I had to guess, I would say it actually made my piece worse rather than give it more emphasis and clarity, but that's also because I didn't put much effort into it. I guess my mindset about writing is kind of set in stone currently and I need to be more OPEN about it in the future.

Creativity was also a big part of this week. The main assignment (yes, I'm talking about raid 1 again) was full of creative aspects. I think the most creative part of the raid was having to talk about failing during a game (yes I understand that was the whole premise of the raid but I still think that's the MOST creative part because there were other parts to this raid). I think including the gaming aspect was a large factor in the availability of creativity mainly due to the precedent you set about what a game was and was not on the first day of class. By allowing pretty much anything to be a game you opened up the assignment to a world of possibilities. You also made the assignment easier as it was easier to think about as a game. If you had just asked us to write about something we failed at, I don't think the first thing that would have come to my mind was my last relationship. I also don't think I would have written my narrative in the way I did. It most likely would have been very straightforward and boring with little to no use of extended metaphors or any other literary device for that matter. It also would have not been as fun and interesting to write about which would have made my writing choppy and not as free flowing and could have potentially altered the style in which I wrote. I don't think the creativity came from adding the general modifier to the type of failure (in this case, gaming) just because I think any other modified would have been too ordinary. It was the duality of using the word game and also having the pre-defined and somewhat original definition of a game. It was a perfect combination of explanation and freedom. The perfect combination of structure and creativity.

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