Time Capsule Sequaia anderson

What should juniors know about senior year?

  • Juniors should know that senior year is dead to me. i am so over school, i hate it so much and graduation day can not come any faster. its way too stressful and expensive, i hate waking up to come to this place.. but yet I'm going to college which is 4 more years of school.
  • Incoming freshmen should know that when they tell you that your 9th grade year counts, believe them because once you get to your senior year you are going to wish you did what you were supposed to.

Where will you be in 5 years? In 10 years?

  • In 5 years I plan on just having graduated college with a bachelor's degree in nursing.
  • In 10 years Im hoping to be rich living large with my current boyfriend as my husband and our twin boys.

What are your fears for the future?

  • My fears for the future is to be a bum, working a fast food job, or broke for the rest of my life.


Some of my favorite places to eat at are mad jacks, freddy's, and cinetopia movie theatre because of their burger.

What are your hidden talents?

  • Its not really a talent, but i think that everybody should know that I'm related to Beyonce.
Yes, this is my sister.

What is the one thing you wish everyone understood?

  • I wish everyone understood, including me is WHY IS COLLEGE SO HIGH? i don't know so when someone gets the answer to that question, let me know.

What was your favorite lesson in school?

  • My favorite lesson is from elementary, when math didn't have letters in it and it was very simple.


  • C'Asia - you pretty.
  • Nataya - you pretty
  • Davin - congrats on your scholarships
  • Taylor - your nice
  • Kayshelle - your pretty too.

How do you want to be remembered?

I wanted to be remembered as a volleyball player, but i didn't play volleyball this year so there goes that.

What are your parting words?


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