The Human Sciences Marwan Al-Edrus

Marwan Al Edrus

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Area of Knowledge 2: The Human Sciences


Table of Contents

  • Journal Entries
  • Reflection of Journal Entries
  • The Final Paragraph
  • Knowledge Question
  • Other Knowledge Questions
  • Supplementary Imagery
  • Real Life Situation / Elective Readings
  • Extension Proposal

Journal Entries

AOK2: Day 1

What did you see in the video?

Scientific theories and the validity of said theories are always in flux. Our jobs as scientists are to continue proving, disproving, or coming up with alternative theories. Theories are models through which help us understand science, so it’s imperative that the theories we utilize are accurate and effective at doing their job. The video is focused more on the topic of Natural Science over Human Science, so I did not glean as much information from the video as those who did that topic would.

Aside from the content in the video, I found the man to be a rather cringeworthy persona.

AOK2: Day 2

Taco Trucks and the Soul of America

This article on the Atlantic talks about the influence of immigrants in America, and what it means about the state of our country, suggesting that a majority of people agree that Immigrants are good for America. I am of a mind with this opinion, for I am an immigrant myself, and consider myself culturally diverse. The increasing prevalence of foreign cultures in the US

The knowledge question I’ll be answering by Wednesday is "How much certainty can be achieved in the human sciences?”. I learned a couple things about Human Sciences today. Generally, I’m finding that this area of science is particularly soft in terms of certainties and boundaries. There’s still a lot of uncertainty in this area of knowledge, as opposed to something like mathematics. Human science encompasses psychology, anthropology, economics, and sociology. Part of the reason why Human Sciences is such a hard Area of Knowledge to make certainties out of is due to its relation to humans, an entity that is intrinsically hard to understand. Our understanding of self and other humans is a recurring theme in history, one which has been hard to explore due to ethical limits. Studies merely find that we cannot reduce behavior down to law-like regularity, with good reason. To quote an informal statement from The Harvard law of animal behavior, “In carefully controlled laboratory conditions, animals do what they damned well please”

Reflection of Journal Entries

Human Sciences is such an uncertain science. That's my takeaway from the unit. It was probably my least favorite unit, due in part to the complexity of it I suppose. It features some of the hardest concepts to wrap my head around.

The Final Paragraph

Our Knowledge Question

Other Knowledge Questions

Supplementary Imagery

Real Life Situations & Elective Readings

Extension Proposal

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