Nixon's Resignation 1974 By: gabe epps

Nixon is considered very famous, but was he really infamous?

Nixon was considered by many as a great president, but he had one major stumble. Watergate ruined his reputation, although it might not have been completely his fault.

"And it was decided, without it seems the knowledge of president Nixon, that a secret organization be set up that would fix those leaks, and it would be called The Plumbers." - Ari Hoptman

"Unbeknownst to the public, the burglars were actually sent by Nixon's administration to repair some wire taped devices that they had planted in an earlier break in." - Matthew Santoro

Could Nixon have been involved in the Watergate from the beginning? Or near the end?

"On March 23, John Dean approached the president, and told him that the burglars might need a lot of money to keep them quiet. Nixon asked, 'How much do you think they'll need?' John Dean just pulled a figure out of the air, and said, 'Perhaps, $1,000,000."

Nixon wanted to keep the tapes that he had of his conversations about Watergate. However, so did the Senate. Nixon still wouldn't give them to the Senate until the final branch of the government, the Supreme Court, stepped in and said that it was illegal for Nixon to keep the tapes from the Senate.

Nixon was threatened by the senate after Watergate became famous. They threatened to impeach him. They almost did it. The only reason that he wasn't, was because he quit himself. But that was back then. What about now?

Bill Clinton. He was the only other president to be threatened with impeachment, and the only one to actually have it happen to him. Okay, not so bad. What did he do? He had an affair with an intern at the White House. In the oval office. He allowed an intern into the oval office, one of the most important rooms in the country, and just so he could do such a unmoral thing with her.

Okay, he was impeached for good reason. Not really. He was impeached, but his impeachment was scheduled for after his term. He was allowed by the senate to finish his term. If we allow men like Bill Clinton to hold office, and take their deeds in stride, then how long will it take for America to fall apart from within?


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