Team Profile Phoebe, Tahni, Sarah, Serenus & Lauren

Our team has worked collaboratively and cooperatively to complete and answer our question for PBL. We have found our question: "What did the students of the past look like? Why is school uniform such an important part of forming the school’s identity?" relatively easy with easy access to many school photos and old uniforms from the archives. We have worked together as a team very well and in result we finished early. It overall broadened all of our knowledge of KRB's past students and uniform. It was a fun way to get to know people we wouldn't normally work with and find out strengths and weaknesses. As a group our favourite part was making the documentary and being to incorporate fun into learning about the school's history.

Personal Reflections

Our team: Sarah, Lauren, Phoebe, Serenus & Tahni

I found our PBL projects quite fun as we got to experience new facilities and sites to use. Our team cooperated well together. I made the poster and put the documentary and I am very happy with them. I liked the PBL progress as we got to experience working with other people that we usually don’t work with. This work has expanded my knowledge about Kincoppal Rose Bay and its history. - Tahni

I found this task a fun way to work with new people in a group. At the beginning I found the task a bit challenging as I hadn’t worked with the people in my group before very much, however it was a great way to get to know some of my peers strengths and weaknesses. Our group has handled our work load well and gotten the tasks done with time to spare. We used different resources for a research and put them all together to collate a website, documentary and poster. -Phoebe

I think that I worked collaboratively with the team for PBL. I felt that I did get my strengths but I didn’t think that I contributed enough to it as I was away for 3 days so I did not do that much.I did think that the PBL was quite easy but it is has a lot research to do on a lot of our question. The question that we did was quite interesting because I liked how we got to learn about the old school uniform for Kincoppal and what they wore and what the differences were to past until now 2016. I also liked how we got to make a video and we got to include everyone in the video.Altogether I thought I did quite well with PBL and working collaboratively with the team. I thought that PBL was quite interesting as we got to work with different people and we got to do contribute altogether. I thought it was great and it was interesting. I thought as I only did it for 2 days I thought that my group had started a really good progress on the PBL project. However, as I have only done it for 2 days I did not find it that challenging as most of it was done so I found it easy but however I still contributed and helped my group finish this PBL project. -Sarah

Project Based learning is a great way to learn the great history of our school and to improve our teamwork skill. When I first approach to this question, I found it confusing to find the answer. However, I started to break the question and ask myself in a different way which made it easier for my team members and myself. I enjoyed being as a team worker and a leader for this group. Everyone has shared incredible ideas for our question and put a lot of effort into it. Everyone in our group has different skills and strength. Some are very artistic, smart and hard working. I am not sure what is my strength, but I will guess is my leadership skills and my creativity. I always wanted to put our work in a more interesting way to get attention from audience. Some of our team members maybe afraid to share their ideas or write out their final research information. But I am always happy to help them and encourage them to put all their thoughts for this project. We always double check each other work, to avoid spelling mistakes. Overall, I enjoyed being in my group and how we approach to each other. -Serenus

I found project based learning an exciting, fun way to learn about the school’s past students, uniforms and history. I found our question easy and a fun way to get to know each other. When we first started PBL i was questioning about how much fun this project would be and if I would really enjoy but as we started the second day and got the start the website and learn how to use indesign and create the poster I realised how much fun I would have getting to work with my teammates and learn new things. This project has been an adventure, learning my strengths, the history of the school’s students and what they looked like 50-60 years back, getting the know my team and working as a team player. -Lauren

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