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Mount Rushmore is located in South Dakotas Black Hills National Forest. It is north of the Custer State Park. The memorial is surrounded by the Black Hills. On Gutzon Borglum's second visit to the Black Hills in 1925 he identified that Mt.Rushmore was going to be built there. Gutzon Borglum was finding a place where Mt.Rushmore could be sculpted.

Building Mt.Rushmore

You may already know but,George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln are carved in the Black Hills which make up Mt.Rushmore. The sculptor was Gutzon Borglum. Him and his workers started to construct Mt.Rushmore in 1927. About 400 workers worked with dangerous conditions. 450,000 tons of rock was removed to construct the sculpture.

Workers sculpting Mt.Rushmore

During the time of constructing the sculpture no lives were lost. The presidents were supposed to be carved from the waist up. After the faces were finished being built they had to stop because of money. The sculptor Gutzon Borglum had died in March 1941. The project was left to his son Lincoln for it to be finished in time for the dedication ceremony on October 31,1941. When sculpting the heads they used many tools like pneumatic hammers and dynamite to bust through the rock more easily. For more of the traditional tools that were used were drills,and chisels. The rock that was removed still sits at the base of Mt.Rushmore. Calvin Coolidge during his last days of presidency in 1929 he sighed legislation appropriating $250,000 in federal funds.


More than 3 million people visit Mount Rushmore every year. It is one of Americas most popular tourist attraction. People from all around the world come to visit the National Memorial. As time has passed the structure is a symbol of hope and freedom. Many people visit annually to learn about and admire the National Memorial.

Entrance to Mt.Rushmore

Facts About Mt. Rushmore

The structure covers 1,278.45 acres and it sits 5,725ft. above sea level. Where Jefferson's head was being carved, workers found the stone to be weak. They started to rebuild it on the left of Washington's head. July 4,1930 Washington's head was finished and a dedication ceremony was held. Franklin D. Roosevelt's head was completed and a ceremony was held in August of 1936. Lincolns ceremony was in September of 1937. A bill that was introduced in congress, in 1937 it said that Susan B. Anthony should be included in the project. It fell through because money had already been sent and construction had begun. The dedication ceremony for Theodore Roosevelt's head was in July 1939. Mount Rushmore had celebrated its 50th anniversary in 1991,after a $40 million restoration project.


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