Good Life Tour of the Harn Daniel Plattner

Medium of Art/ Technique of Artist

One of the artworks that struck me the most was "Las Tres Antillas" by Cundo Bermudez. What I found the most interesting about this was the artist back story to his paintings. Cundo Bermudez collaborated on several projects and he created murals of extreme elegance, just like the paintings behind me, some being 16 storied behind. That to me just blow my mind that an artist can create such a beautiful peace of work but also have it being 16 stories tall. But the actually beauty of the artwork came from seeing it in person. The paintings from Cundo Bermudez in person just felt like they were radiating with positive energy and to me showed that he really loved to do what he did. His paintings in each stroke shows passion and fearlessness as each stroke in the painting all comes together in unison to form a story. This is only a connection one can make if they see the painting in person.

Design of the Museum

To start the design of this museum is amazing. It mixes a perfect blend between both nature by offering outdoor walkways and has a array of different styles of presenting their indoor exhibits. One of the exhibits that I felt had the deepest message was entering the female rights exhibit. In this exhibit it is a huge open walkway with paintings all from female artist expressing their pain of not having equal rights to men and how their paintings were looked down upon to that of me. The arrangement of art shows all these different women's idea of how they expressed their displeasure of not being seen as equal. It actually upset me to think that there was a time period where women felt this way.

Art and Core Values

This artwork behind me is called Traces. To most it just appears as a very dull piece of work, but they key to this piece is looking at the description of the piece. This material is actually very valuable and sells for top price in Africa and is worn by only the best of dancers. This piece is a core value of mine by relating it to my family and my mom and sisters love for dance. My mom and sister both have danced basically since I have been alive and coming to this museum and reading about how only the best African dancers wore this material helped me imagine my sister and mom dancing in the same cloth as seen. It allowed me to really appreciate my family and reminded me that they all worked so hard in dance and was just great to reminisce about.

Art and the Good Life

This work involves the good life theme of medium. It shows a contrast of all the different material it is made out of and how they all work and blend together to form a masterpiece. This is an art piece start the african art exhibit. It suffices perfectly for this to be the first piece one see's because to me the artwork is telling the history of African Americans from Africa. They are a blend of many cultures and languages and this art piece seems to be to be a metaphor of all that. The different cultures and all that come together and form the people of Africa who they are today. This piece allows me to understand the hardship it takes from a minority culture as they have had to go through a lot more dramatic experiences than I to get where they are today.

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