Webinars Presented by Academic Innovation


The division of Academic Innovation is presenting a variety of webinars focused on helping faculty convert their courses into the online environment. Can't attend a webinar? No problem! Recordings of each presentation will be posted on this page once they are available. If you have any questions, view the support contact information at the bottom of this page.


Week of April 13-17, 2020

Academic Innovation Strategies for a Successful Summer Online

Thursday, April 16, 8:15 am in Zoom


Week of April 20-24, 2020

Design Your Course: Course Blueprint and Time Management

Tuesday, April 21, 8:15 am in Zoom

College Q&A Webinar

Thursday, April 23, 8:15 am


Week of April 27 – May 1, 2020

Build Your Course Orientation and Module Outline

Tuesday, April 28, 8:15 am in Zoom

College Q&A Webinar

Thursday, April 30, 8:15 am


Week of May 4-8, 2020

Large Classes Summer Quality Initiative

Monday, May 4, 9:15 am in Zoom

Assessment Design: Do’s and Don’ts for an Inclusive Assessment Strategy

Tuesday, May 5, 8:15 am in Zoom

Tips and Best Practices for Online Finals

Wednesday, May 6, 8:15 am in Zoom

College Q&A Webinar

Thursday, May 7, 8:15 am


Week of May 11-15, 2020

Create Your Content with Active Learning in Mind

Tuesday, May 12, 8:15 am in Zoom

Introduction to Panopto: An Active Learning Tool

Wednesday, May 13, 9 am in Zoom

Best Practices and Advanced Features in Panopto

Wednesday, May 13, 3 pm in Zoom

College Q&A Webinar

Thursday, May 14, 8:15 am in Zoom

Career Engaged Learning

Thursday, May 14, 11 am in Zoom


Week of May 18-22, 2020

Course Management Strategies: Instructor Presence and Student Engagement

Tuesday, May 19, 8:15 am in Zoom

Course Management Strategies for Courses with High Enrollment

Wednesday, May 20, 9:15 in Zoom

College Q&A Webinar

Thursday, May 21, 8:15 am


Communicating with Students in Blackboard, March 10

Moving Your Lectures Online, March 11

Online Assignments, March 12

Exams and Grading Online, March 12

Setup your Grade Center, March 23 (Recording password: DigitalLearning20)

Synchronous or Asynchronous: Choose How to Deliver your Teaching, March 23 (Recording password: DigitalLearning20)

Provide Constructive Feedback to Your Students through the Blackboard Learn Grade Center, March 24 (Recording password: vPiUCK3a)

Open Educational Resource for Content Creation and Delivery, March 25

Offer Virtual Office Hours with Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, March 26 (Recording Password: DtA2D6cJ)

Three Steps to Build your Weekly Teaching Flow, March 26 (Recording Password: tYmxEb3m)

Blackboard Essentials, March 27

Create and Manage Group Activities, Pedagogical Perspective, March 30

Create and Manage Group Activities in Blackboard Learn, March 30

Tips to Engage your Students in Live Sessions, March 31

PlayPosit for Humanities, April 1

Copyright and Tips from your Librarians, April 1

PlayPosit for STEM, April 2

Academic Integrity: What Should I Consider? April 2

Blackboard Essentials, April 3

Formative and Summative Assessment, Pedagogical Perspective, April 6

Formative and Summative Assessment, Setting Assessments in Blackboard Learn, April 7

Respondus (Requires: Windows PC), April 8

Final Project or Portfolio? We have you covered! Discover the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, April 9

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