Self portrait By isaac carroll


When I was a little boy, still am, I used mess up on pictures and getting so frustrated that I would throw my artwork in the trash, go upstairs, and cry. However my mother told me every time every time everything art. The poem The Argument of his Book, by ROBERT HERRICK, reminds me that even the most simple thing, such as music about a toilet, or an ugly person, even litture is art,


Age Looking Back at its youth, By JOHN M. RIDLAND, makes me think. What is passion? Most people believe it's just love, which is true, but it alsO emotions that you could barely hold onto. I believe this poem could be about fights instead of being poor cause thunder loud, but the sound comes after lightning strikes.


Joy is the best thing ever. I have joy when I ace a test, rest for the day and have waffles in the morning. However this poem You May Leave a Memory, Or You Can be Feated by Crows, by Dick Allen is on how a man finally have joy in his artwork after so many years. Huang Gongwang was having trouble finding a career and did art differently from others.


Only a Dad, by EDGAR ALBERT GUEST is of how everyone Dad try's to set good examples and paths for their children. Or corrects their kids to get them going to the right direction. This reminds me of my own dad who works like my mom long hours to make more money to get food, take us to the movies, or spend time traveling.

Growing up

When a young boy I don't know if it was just me but I had no worries in the world nor notice problems like racism, .abuse, or persecution in other countries. People would hind that information. Because I didn't pay attention to detail, but as I grew older I found out about racism and persecution. This poem reminds me of that by showing a gir smiling with a colored sign in the background, now they could have joy since there was a little more equality in 1970, but still some racism.



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