Chemical weathering and human impact

CLAIM: The increased amount of acid rain due to pollution caused by humans is affecting the structure of old buildings and statues made from limestone.

Rationale: CO2 created by humans and water combine and make an acid like substance that then comes down onto earth through rain. The acidic rain reacts with the limestone that older buildings are made of and the rock then begins to weather

Example: the Colosseum in Rome was originally a full shaped dome, it is made with limestone which eventually was weathered away by acidic rain (along with other sources)

Solution: If humans were to make less pollution by less use of cars and other things that produce co2 there would be less acidic rain forming. Also when making buildings limestone should not be used because of it reaction with acid. If buildings are not made with limestone and less acidic rain is produced there will be less weathering of buildings.


Created with images by B.S. Wise - "One Word... "Plastics"" • orlapix - "flagstone wall stone" • Glyn Lowe Photoworks. - "Portuguese Pavement - Lisbon" • ell brown - "Sulgrave Manor - home of George Washington's ancestors in Northamptonshire" • Sean MacEntee - "The Colosseum"

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