Mass Communications MCOM Portfolio, James Kim

Voter Information Process, Office of City Clerk Toni Taber

After recalling the results of the last year's special election, in which the winner was decided by a very close number of votes, Taber speaks about the process her office has in local elections, in collecting and distributing accurate voter information to residents in the city and county.

She begins by reminding us of the questions and issues that voters have before voting, including how important their vote is to the political sphere. She focuses on local elections for the emphasis on how every vote matters. She also describes sample ballots and their distribution, before stating her office's part in the election as the neutral party that handles elected officials' paperwork. This video was recorded before the November election in 2016, which allowed for the seasonal decoration of the office for Halloween.

Hiring Video, Stephen

Stephen recalls the hiring process, of finding a job after school. His job is described in this video (his day at work), and included are his insights about jobs in general and being employed. The video is shot between his shifts, outside the cafe, and after work, when he is closing the cafe. He rides his bike to and from work.

"Unemployment is something you can't justify at all" he begins, before transitioning into his recollections of working as part of a cafe in its demands as a food service business. Continuing this perspective is his explanation, "Work just has to be done." The demonstration of the different tasks completed for the cafe to operate bring a type of conclusion to the statements made.

Tiny Houses

This project was a collaborative effort, in collecting information about and recording interviews of people affiliated with "Tiny Houses" that were recently approved by the city of San Jose in a ballot measure. The video focused on Aaron Castle, who is an organizer and resident of Tiny Houses, and the information on the part of the local government was collected in an interview with Jerry Wilburn, from the Community Action Center at San Jose State University. Also interviewed were two individuals in San Jose, about their experiences with the jobs and housing in the city. More information about the senate bill, and the effect of Tiny Houses at the local level and the individual level, were the focus of connecting the perspectives into a video.

Video recording and editing were collaborative, mostly recorded by Duc, while editing happened the weekend before, with all group members participating. Vasuki and Yousif interviewed the subjects very well and got the information needed to produce the final video.

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