Florida Museum of Natural History By: Michaela Lewellen

Nature on Display
My favorite exhibit was the of the cave exhibit. You really felt like you were in a cave, and inside they had bats hanging on the ceiling. This was a cool experience. I never realized that bats were so small, and that there were several different kinds of bats!
Nature and Ethics: The Columbian Mammoth was one of the coolest pieces at the museum. These bones were found in Florida, which is super awesome. I had no idea that there MAMMOTHS in Florida!! I left this museum with a greater respect and admiration for our state because before this, I did not know all of the exciting history and artifacts that were found here.
Nature and the Human Spirit
The frog exhibit was the most captivating. Ordinarily, I would not have been able to get this close to all of these different types of species of frogs. The picture above this I took of some poisonous frogs. If I would have seen those outside a museum, I would have freaked out, but since it was in that environment, I really could get a good look at them. I do feel bad that all of these frogs have to live their life enclosed in this museum, which makes me appreciate the freedom that I have, but I think it is important that people have the opportunity to be educated on them.


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