The Big Man the story of mr. overtons new position

By Zane Warren

On March 12, 2019 Mr. Anthony Overton took the reins as principal of Paso Robles High School. Previously, Anthony had worked at the high school as a science teacher, track coach, and assistant principal for a total work time of 9 years. On March 1, 2019 Mr. Eric Martinez officially resigned as principal of Paso Robles High School, and Anthony had no idea what was coming his way. With all the excitement of becoming a principal, experience from years really helps him out and as Mr Overton states, “I think one thing I bring to the position is experience being apart of the system.”

Because of all his experience, many positive opinions arise such as, “Overton is much involved with school. I always see him around the school. He is there for us. He really cares about his students”, “He is a well dedicated leader.”, “he seems like respectful nice person”, and “He is funny and truly cares about our students.” However, negative opinions arise as well, such as, “Nothing. he is terrible”, “I feel he doesn't always listen to the students”, “He feels the need to suspend students for any reason”, and “he won't be different for this high school.”

On a recent survey at PRHS, 12.5% of students say that they feel good about Mr Anthony Overton and 87.5% say, they either don’t care or they think he will be a bad principal. Later on in the survey, 20% of people say that he will make bad and unproductive changes in this school, while 80% say he will be quite productive. So by looking at this survey, it seems that most people don’t really care about this new change in principal, but they believe, that he will be good for this school. Mr Overton has his own ideas for the school and what’s to come in the near future. During an Interview with Mr Overton, he said, “I think there’s three primary pieces, I’d like to see, first off is stronger communal/ communication means, the second one is ensuring we have high quality staff, and lastly just trying to bring back our old bear cat roots of, what does it mean to be a bear cat.”


Photo credits to Zane Warren

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