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Latvia is located in the Northern and Eastern Hemisphere, in Europe. Bordered by Russia,Estonia, and Lithunia
The capital city of Latvia is Riga. The coordinates of Riga's location is 56°57N,24°6E.
Temperature zones and Lines of Latitude
Latvia is in the temperate zone meaning it has 4 seasons. Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Latvia is in between the Lines of Capricorn and Antarctic Circle.
Important Physical Features
Some of the major physical features are the Gauja River, it's 281 miles long and Daugava River being 633.8 miles long. The highest points in Latvia is Gaizinkaln being 1,022 feet high bet located in the east of Riga.
The total population of Latvia is 1,955,742 people in early 2016. The ranking of their population is 144th. This country is small. The population density is 92.3 being crowded a lot but not that much,since the world rank is 177.
Growth Rate
In 2014 the growth rate of Latvia was -0.62% but in 2015 it grew to 1.9% meaning more people came to live in the country. Latvia's population growth rate is growing fast,since the average growth rate percent is 1.0%
Largest Cities
The #1 biggest city is Riga with a population of 696,593 people as of 2015. The second largest city is Daugavpils with a population of 96,818 people. Daugavpils got it's name from the Daugava River. The third largest city is Liepaja (also known as the city of wind) with a population of 85,477 people. The fourth largest city is Jalgava with a population of 62,800 people. The last largest city of Latvia is Jurmala with a population of 55,508 people.
Urban or Rural
Latvia is more urban than rural. The urban population is 67.38% while the rural population is a little over 64%. More people live in the city than countries.
Latvia's net migration rate is -7.23. That's in the negative. Meaning that more people are leaving the country every year. Latvia is the 3rd poorest country in the EU. Latvia has bad welfare conditions.
Latvia University
My country Latvia is developing. I know my country is developing because the average GDP per capita is $30,000, Latvia's GDP per capita is $24,902. It's lower than $30,00. Latvia's life expectancy is 73.44 years old while the average is 78. They have good health. Latvia's life expectancy is lower than the average to become developed. Their literacy rate is 99.9 basically 100 and the average is 99. It's developed in Literacy rate. 2 rules over 1 making Latvia a developing country.
Latvia's main language is their own, Lativan. 56.3% of their population speak Latvian. 33.8% speak Russian. The other languages are Polish,Ukrainian,Belarusian, and the last is unspecified. All of the other languages are less than 1%.
The main religions of Latvia are 63.7% unspecified, Lutheran which is 19.6% of the population, Orthodox 15.3% of the population, Christian which is only 1% of the population and then theirs other less than 1%.
Latvian's eat sauerkraut,yellow pea soup, and rye bread. Latvian's traditionally serve grey peas with bacon at Christmas, believing that peas bring good luck..They also eat lots of soup including Cold Beet Soup and Sour cream soup. They will also eat Milk soup sometimes since it helps with digestion. What they occasionally serve for dinner is Breaded Pork chops. Cranberry Pudding and Layered Rye Bread is what they eat for desert.

My sources

The rest of my information I got on Wolfram and The World HD app on iPads.


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