Dystopia Kenndle moore a1

POLITICS: The upper class rules everything. They have the best quality things and they control the entire army.

There are 3 classes upper, middle, and lower.

The classes live in separate districts. Each district is separated by a big wall.

ECONOMICS: All necessities are provided as long as you work.

If a person shows any kind of rebelion they are killed by the army.

Having children is forbidden unless permitted by the upper class.

Religion: There is no religion. You only live to serve the upper class.

The lower and middle class are drugged daily say the only see in black and white.

Smiling, laughing, and fun are against the law.

Social Structure: There is an upper middle and lower class. The upper class has absolute power. The lower class are slaves.

The upper class controls the entire army.

Entertainment: People work for Fun.

There are no families. At birth the child is taken from its mother and will never see her again.

The Earth has recently suffered from an apocalypse.

This is the last civilization on earth.

Outside of the walls are flesh eating monsters.

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